Rush Of New GOP Congressional Candidates In Virginia

With today’s discovery that Virginia has at least 12 additional congressional districts that no one previously knew about and that are currently vacant, there has been a rush of new Republican candidates coming from the ranks of Virginia’s conservative blogosphere to fill these vacancies.  (You know, if the government says something on the internet, it MUST be true.  Therefore, special elections need to be called to fill the vacancies in these districts!) So, without further delay, here is the slate of candidates running in the undoubtedly soon-to-be called special elections for Congress:

Timothy Watson for Congress (VA-00)
(Yours truly) Jim Riley for Congress (VA-12)
D.J. McGuire for Congress (VA-13)
Scott Hirons for Congress (VA-17)
A.G. Gilmore for Congress (VA-18)
Michael for Congress (VA-29)
Conservativa for Congress (VA-79)
Jason Kenney for Congress (VA-98)
Krystle for Congress (VA-51)

(UPDATE 18Nov09 by Kat) I have decided to take a page from’s book and invent a district for myself: Kat Wilton for Congress 2010 (VA-63)

(This post will continue to be updated as additional candidates for the 36, 26, 21, and 25 districts become known.)


13 thoughts on “Rush Of New GOP Congressional Candidates In Virginia

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  2. I will be throwing my hat in the ring for the 105th district and I wanted Virginia Virtucon to the exclusive since no one reads The Contemporary Conservative anyway…..I’ll win for sure if my opponent concedes before the final vote is completed…

  3. Even CA only has 53 districts. Where did we get all new people to pick up 68 discticts? You would practically have to dig up all the parks, monuments and any wild areas to provide housing for that many people in the Commonwealth. I gues they figured no one would pay attention. Clerical error, my hinney!

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