The stimulus is so massive, it’s creating new districts!

I really, really wanted to believe this was an Onion move; then I actually feared some clever lefty had laid a trap for over-eager center-right bloggers.

It is neither.  The Stimulus tracking site really does tout – and proudly, money that goes to phantom Congressional Districts.

Bill McMorris ( has the details on North Dakota.

On a whim, I took a look at Virginia.

Among other things . . .

  • Over $2.26 million was spent in the “12th Congressional District,” which only exists in the fevered recesses of Tom Davis’ ambition.
  • Another $2M- plus went to the “00 Congressional District” (creating or saving exactly 2.5 jobs in the process)
  • More than $2M went to such venerable Virginia Districts as the 36th and 26th (neither seen since the 19th Century), plus the 79th (which can only mean Obama has created a new and more perfect dimension to spend the money)

In all seriousness, this is beyond embarrassing.  Either the Administration is bending over backwards to make sure Joe Biden is never wrong (“Someone is getting scammed already”) or they can’t take the time to remove non-existent districts from the website supposedly dedicated to track the stimulus funds.

This crew can’t even get a website right, and we’re supposed to entrust them with health care?

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