American MSM’s split decision on ClimateGate

In the hours since I wrote about the latest on ClimateGate, there has been a part of MSM willing to swallow hard and accept that there is a story here (such as CBS News, which goes the extra step of looking into the horrfiyingly mangled computer-modeling code).

Others, however, have reacted in a manner similar to a child plugging his ears and screaming “I can’t hear you!”

The Boston Globe, for example, chose today to scare its reades with another the-sea-will-drown-us-all posts.  The commenters had a field day, but if I had seen it five minutes earlier my laptop would be covered in chocolate milk, and it would be near-run thing between the house fire it would have caused and laughter-cum-asphixiation for what would have killed me (Doug Ross had a similar problem – albeit without the chocolate milk).

The Houston Chronicle was even better for a laugh – insisting that “evidence continues to accumulate that the threat is accelerating” while citing someone from none other than East Anglia University, or as we skeptics prefer to call it, Alarmist Fraud HQ.  P.J. Gladnick at Newsbusters took credit for a post that really just wrote itself.

All of this comes courtesy of Mark Steyn, whose NRO Corner post title says it all: “Tree-Ring Circus.”



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