37th Senate Dist. Firehouse Primary – UPDATED

Heavy, HEAVY turnout tonight in the 37th Senate Dist. firehouse GOP primary.  Some people are waiting more than 2 hours in line in freezing weather to vote with recent tallies being more than 1,500 voters having cast ballots so far.  Pat Herrity, Bob Marshall and Eugene Delgaudio have all been spotted about.

UPDATE 1Steve Hunt’s campaign thinks that it is between their candidate and Will Nance based upon how things have gone so far tonight.

UPDATE 2 – Virtucon contributors report that “Nance has a kick ass team working for him!”

UPDATE 3 – We’re hearing that Steve Hunt may emerge with a majority in a 3-way race.


3 thoughts on “37th Senate Dist. Firehouse Primary – UPDATED

  1. I’m not surprised Nance has a good team. His wife is very well connected at the nat’l Party. Not necessarily a good evidence of quals for being a good Senator though.

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