Virginia 2009 = GOP 2010?

The guys from Project Virginia, the organization that did so much to help various House of Delegates candidates take advantage of social media in the 2009 elections, have penned an interesting column for the American Spectator arguing that the trail blazed by Republicans this year in Virginia is the same path for nationwide Republican success next year:

So, how does a 2010 GOP campaign actually translate this “McDonnell Strategy” into a meaningful plan? The obvious first step is to address the important local issues of the district and determine which national themes can be localized. The even more important second step is to tell voters what you specifically plan to do for them. As the voters in 2009 demonstrated, they are very aware of the problems. What they desperately want are leaders who are really listening and who are willing to offer solutions — not just slogans — that make sense. This need to communicate with voters brings us to our second point.

Social media matters.

The crux of their argument, which is compelling, is that for the GOP to enjoy the same kind of historic victory nationwide as it did in Virginia it will take a focus both on the common sense conservative message like that championed by Bob McDonnell, as well as an effort to reach out and engage voters, donors, and activists directly. As Ford and Steve note in closing, “Both the message and the medium are in play for 2010. For the future of our country, we hope that Republican candidates can master both.”

If you’re able to make it to the RPV Advance in Williamsburg on Saturday, Project Virginia will be hosting a workshop entitled “Digital Politics for Campaigns and Organizers” starting at 2:00 PM.


4 thoughts on “Virginia 2009 = GOP 2010?

  1. It wasn’t just the message, it was the delivery of the message. McD, Bolling & KC ran the most disciplined campaigns ever seen in the Commonwealth.

    I think “discipline” is the lesson to be learned here.

  2. I agree with Kelley, but I go even further. I’m going to DEMAND that the Republicans who ride this wave into office DO NOT become like the last lot. They waltzed into office on the “Contract with America” and promptly began spending like democrats….the only marked difference in the Dems and these shady Republicans is the stuff that they bought with MY money.

  3. Agreed, Kelley and Monk. This time, Republicans in power have to execute, not just claim to espouse limited, responsible, accountable government.

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