Jim Spiess, a convicted felon and Catherine Crabill supporter, is a “liaison” for the “Virginia Tea Party Patriots Foundation”.

From an e-mail that someone else received and forwarded to me:

Hi, my name is Jim and I am one of the two liaison officers of the Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation. We formed a little over 6 months ago. Right now I believe we have around 30 Tea Party/912 groups in our Federation. We believe that by showing the Commonwealth of Virginia that we are becoming more organized that they will pay more attention to us, and it is starting to pay off. All groups still act autonomously, but we now have a group to bounce ideas off of and we can help each other in other ways too. Let me know if you are interested in joining up with us, you can call me or email me. Hope to hear from you soon.

Merry Christmas,
Jim Spiess
Virginia’s 99th District Tea Party

Those tea party folks are making themselves look oh-so-brilliant. Lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas.

And once again, my agnosticism towards the tea party “movement” has been validated.

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19 thoughts on “Jim Spiess, a convicted felon and Catherine Crabill supporter, is a “liaison” for the “Virginia Tea Party Patriots Foundation”.

  1. Let’s not condemn the Tea Party “movement” or “idea”. It is a belief of limited govt born out of the corruption & the whoring that is Washington DC.

    They found the wrong person to be their “liaison”.

  2. In our current times, any one of us, could be dragged into court be convicted of a crime. All it would take would be a lie from one citizen. As wild as this seems, it happens ALL the time.

    Anyone who have watched our courts in action knows this fact of our current system. Those who have large financial resources can get a lawyer and mitigate charges. Those without great resources are typically convinced to plead guilty to a supposed “lesser charge” even when they are guilty of nothing. They plead guilty simply to stop the pain, with most not knowing that the conviction will follow them forever afterward.

    I don’t know about Mr. Spiess, but apparently he served whatever sentence that was meted out and having done so, should be restored in his rights as a citizen. Once someone has been punished by our system, we as a society, must not continue to punish the man for mistakes he may, or may not, have made in the past.

    While your intent was to smear Mr. Spiess, you have unwittingly illuminated an ongoing problem with our “justice” system, in that, once a debt to society is paid, such men and women must be restored as full citizens, and treated as valued contributors to our country.

  3. Actually, Garber…why doesn’t this bunch of folks step cleaner and look farhter at these perceptions. There’s another questionable couple who are borderline unstable representing this group from Loudoun.
    Before you even start — I support the people who showed up in Washington on 9/12, because I was there.
    But if the movement want’s leaders to move it forward, why don’t we vet these folks for sanity and/or legality.
    Those who oppose the movement will be critical enough. Why give them ammo??

  4. First let me say the felony was 17 years ago, when I drank and yes I did inhale with the drugs. Since then I have been sober and clean for over 15 years, joined a church, participated in giving back to the community. I have started two successful businesses and hire over 20 employees currently. They have 401k’s and health insurance with dental. I pay half of that, I use to pay 100%, but because of what this government is doing to small businesses I had to cut back. I also laid off half of my employees last year because of what our great government is doing to small business. And yes you will find that I killed a pit bull a few years ago and was found guilty for it. The jury fined me one dollar because the judge told them I could not use self defense. This dog and two other dogs that were owned by the same person were threatening my family. I would not stand by and wait for my 5 year old son to be attacked by these dogs. I called for help but the dog warden was a drinking buddy of the dogs owner. Do your best to smear me, but my family and my friends know who I am. You guys really amaze me that you can attack me, someone who is repentent and works for free to help his fellow man. While Obama has how many convicted felons in the White House who are not repentent and they are fleecing the poor people of this Country. Good job guys, need I say more of your intelect?

  5. Thanks Jim. Glad you cleared it up and are doing well. Praying for you and hoping you will see an apology here soon. Keep doing what your doing bud.

  6. My intellect is fine, Jim.
    So what you are saying is “all the other kids are doing it!!”
    I said, and I’ll reiterate…we need to be doing it cleaner and with more high ground…since it’s the lefty lunkheads who are wallowing in the mud.

    You may well be a great activist, but you do not have the personal history to lead the movement and when the liberal press desires a negative angle to lock onto, you just gave it to them. You won’t be the only victim. Everyone who is right on these issues will be dragged down with you by association.

  7. Bulletproof,

    Are you interested in being a leader?

    The liberal press can do any angle they want, and usually do. Look how they treat people like Sarah Palin. She’s not a felon, but they treat her as if she is. I’m not condoning what Jim did, only saying that if we use the press to be the judge on who can be the leader of the Tea party, the tea party should just fold.

  8. For God’s sakes, just use a little common sense! Jim’s response was pretty good, but he himself should realize his past makes him all too easy of a target. LIke it or not the MSM still has a lot of influence and many reasonable people would be turned off by Jim’s past.

  9. LI is right. We need only look at George Allen as proof of the MSM’s power to bring down very good men. Currently it’s Sarah Palin. We need to minimize their fodder as much as possible.

  10. The liberal press can try to attack Palin, but let’s face it…they have to make stuff up in order to do that. That forces them to over-extend themselves and allows us a platform to bust them when they do it.
    Citizen—I certainly do lead movements out here. I, too, have a colorful past (no felonies…or anything that serious) and have limited myself to the seats immediately behind those who forward the message.

  11. Tim,

    To be fair to Mr. Spiess, while he was originally charged with malicious wounding (a Class 3 felony), he was convicted of the lesser-included felony offense of unlawful wounding, a Class 6 felony, by the Lancaster County Circuit Court on July 22, 1994 (Offense Date: October 16, 1993). According to information provided to me, the victim in that case was Mr. Spiess’ father-in-law at the time.

    Regarding Mr. Spiess’ dog incident, he was convicted of maliciously administering poison to an animal, a misdemeanor, by a jury of the Lancaster County Circuit Court on September 22, 2000 (Offense Date: February 7, 1999, well after Mr. Spiess stopped “inhal[ing] with the drugs”). While Mr. Spiess accurately notes that the jury fined him $1.00 as his punishment, the reason “the judge told [the jury that Spiess] could not use self defense” is likely because the allegation in the case was that Spiess used strychnine to poison two dogs belonging to his neighbor, resulting in the death of one. Kind of different from shooting a pitbull as it lunges after your small child (though, as a convicted felony, if he had done that he would have been facing a mandatory five years in the penitentiary for possessing a firearm after having been convicted of a violent felony). Doesn’t diminish the cowardliness of the act, though.

    As those on my e-mail list will recall, it’s similar to the distinction I made between inadvertantly writing a bad check because one has transposed numbers in his checkbook versus intentionally writing a check (for the filing fee for the 99th District Republican nomination, for example) knowing that one lacks sufficient money in one’s account to cover it, but relying upon one’s “overdraft protection” to cover it. That’s fundamentally dishonest.

    Context is important.

  12. Bulletproof,

    The press has done their job on Sarah Palin, lies or not. She is damaged goods beyond her core fans, and that is not going to win her any elections. Besides, they really do believe she is some backwoods redneck, know nothing.

    BTW, who is the couple in Loudoun County? Would their last name start with an S?

  13. One starts with a G, and the other starts with a C. They are not a couple…they are two individuals…each with a less than desirable background and delivery.

    I think Sarah is poised to be great right where she is. I never fancied her as a Presidential candidate (although she would have been fantastic in stark comparison to the simple-toon we have today) but I do enjoy the amount of time and trouble the liberal media imposes upon itself to malign her ….whn she is merely a citizen at this point. It makes them look silly and especially petty.

  14. I used to be a good asset to a particular billion dollar plus company, a highly productive citizen who paid his share of income, property, and other taxes every year. Other than a mortgage, I had no other liabilities.

    Today, I am totally unproductive, a drain upon society as a convicted felon. I am no longer to able to be productive as I have been hobbled by a criminal record and can no longer obtain employment in my field and honestly, I don’t have the will to work for crumbs.

    I’m sure that there are hundreds of thousands like me, who have learned their lesson, paid their debt to society, and want a fresh start. Current law makes this impossible.

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