WashPo Finally Covers Dave Marsden’s Rented Room Scandal; Virtucon Calls For Marsden To Be Prosecuted

Surprisingly, the WashPo did a fairly lengthy article on Del. Dave Marsden’s rented room that he is using to qualify to run for state senate in the special election next Tue.

I thought the following passage was interesting:

The voter residency policy states that a residence must both be a “place of abode” — a second home, a hotel, an apartment or even under a bridge — and a “domicile,” defined as the primary place where the resident intends to live his or her life. Essentially, many places can be an “abode” but there can be only one true home, said James Alcorn, deputy secretary of the state elections board.

So, what defines a “home”?

His campaign manager, Mark Henson, pledges that Marsden, 61, is sleeping in the guest bedroom and that he goes back to his Jackson Street home, which is officially designated as his legislative office, every day to check mail and see his family.

So, his family doesn’t live with him (his own wife can’t even vote for him!) and his mail apparently goes to his “former” residence despite him changing his voter registration and drivers license to the new address…  Doesn’t sound like his rented room constitutes “the primary place where the resident intends to live his or her life” now, does it?

Dave Marsden is a liberal partisan Democrat who deserves to be beaten alone on the merits by the superior candidate Steve Hunt.  But this just takes the cake.  At least the other carpet-bagging candidates mentioned in the Post article actually moved their families with them to new places before they were soundly beaten.  This, however, is such a blatantly fraudulent scheme that it deserves to be prosecuted.

Think this can’t be prosecuted?  Well, let’s get in the Wayback Machine, shall we Sherman?

Steve H. Chapman, the young Manassas businessman challenging longtime Del. Harry J. Parrish in the Republican primary, turned himself in to authorities yesterday to face charges that he lied about where he lived when he registered to vote last fall and then voted illegally in November.

. . .

The indictment charges Chapman with election fraud, a felony that carries a maximum 10-year sentence, for making false statements on a voter registration form. Chapman is also charged with illegal voting or knowingly voting although he was not qualified, a misdemeanor.

. . .

In 1998, there was a similar case in Prince William. Debra A. Wilson, a GOP candidate for delegate, was convicted of fraud for lying on her voter registration form.

The facts of the Chapman case were almost identical to the Marsden situation with one exception. Chapman wasn’t married and it was more believable that he actually lived in the room he was renting.


22 thoughts on “WashPo Finally Covers Dave Marsden’s Rented Room Scandal; Virtucon Calls For Marsden To Be Prosecuted

  1. Maybe a private detective has been tracking Marsden and has the goods on him? It could make a great script for a reality-TV show.

  2. Check this out: I looked up contributions on VPAP. The Sewards have given Marsden (at least) $300 since December 2009. So half the monthly rent money is cycled back to campaign contributions?

  3. To get a Virginia Driver’s license, one has to produce a lease agreement or some documentation. Does Marsden have a lease – can it be produced?

  4. Mr. Marsden has met the legal requirement to run in the 37th.

    Is there nothing to say for Mr. Hunt? No ideas other than he will be a lap-dog for McDonnell?

    If McDonnell has his way, we willhave Toll Roads added to our existing roads, and multinational corporations will be giving McDonnell kick-backs to get these toll road operating contracts. Look-up TRANSURBAN and your eyes wil be opened.

    We need Assemblymen who will stand against McDonnell’s plan to return to toll roads.

    This Special Election provides a clear choice; Dave Marsden will stand against tolls. Mr Hunt will do whatever Bob McDonnell tells him to do.

  5. Riley,
    You said, “surprisingly” the WashPo covered the carpetbagger story, but what isn’t surprising is that the Post excuse Marsden’s activities because, as the paper concludes, they all do it. Funny thing is that all the politicians listed by the Post where Democrats.

    1. Interesting website that Paul Garber links to in his signature — something called American Renaissance that seems to be really caught up in racial issues. And no wonder he doesn’t know what we call our state legislators. His IP address is in Kansas. What IS interesting, though, is his remark about the toll roads eerily tracks comments by J. Tyler Balance elsewhere.

  6. Paul Garber when did Marsden become Mr. anti-toll road. He (like many others) have accepted contributions from Flour Transportation, the American side of the company creating HOT Lanes.

    By the way this is Virginia – we have Delegates or legislators – not Assemblymen.

  7. Credo,
    One needs no proof of a change of residency to change a driver’s license address. You can do it online in 5 minutes, pay $10, and you will get the new license in the mail in a few days. I know because I did exactly that last year when I moved.

  8. Loudoun Insider — Someone COULD get a Writ of Mandamus from a court to compel the Fairfax Commonwealth’s Attorney to investigate and prosecute Marsden.

  9. >>>So Marsden is shacking-up with a donor.<<<

    Heh. According to the WaPo they get up and have breakfast together too.

  10. lovettsvillelady, on January 8th, 2010 at 6:43 pm Said:

    >>>So Marsden is shacking-up with a donor.<<<

    "Heh. According to the WaPo they get up and have breakfast together too."

    Am I the only one who found that sentence more than a bit creepy?

  11. Yes, I thought it was creepy when I read it in the WaPo article. All of them getting up at 7:00 am and having breakfast together. euuwwww………..

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