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The State Senate DID increase taxes

From the Washington Examiner (emphasis added):

The Senate budget makes $700 million in cuts. It uses $540 million in new revenues through 2012, including increased fees and taxes on interstate online sales . . .

I suspect the State Senate incorporated Emmett Hanger’s tax-hike bill, which Norm at TQ has also panned.  Sadly, eight Republicans in the State Senate (the usual suspects) still voted for this thing.

Let’s hope the House of Delegates and Governor McDonnell hold firm against this tax increase.

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2 Responses to “The State Senate DID increase taxes”

  1. Ken Reynolds

    Lets hope the House and McDonnell fulfill their constitutional obligations and do what is right for Virgnians……….which, in many people’s eyes, is not to blindly follow an ideologist messge/ i would call it philosophy but that would give it some credulity!! Tax and pay the bills!! And pleaseeeeeeee none of the nonsense about tightening ones belts which is as nonsensical as the sound bites parroted at the dialogue yestersy in dc……or…live beyond ones means …….whose means……the only ones that are means are the ones taking the chicken feed away from the homeless…..and insurance for the kiddies……Heartbleed

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