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Let The Charlie Crist Follies Begin!!!

Not even 24 hours have passed since Charlie Crist was scared out of the FL GOP primary for U.S. Senate and declared his intent to seek the office with “No Party Affiliation” than the follies begin.

First, CNN reports that Crist will be no higher than 9th on the ballot, coming behind GOP nominee Marco Rubio, the winner of the Dem primary between U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek and oddball billionaire Jeff Greene, Libertarian Party candidate Alexander Andrew Snitker, Constitution Party of Florida Bernie DeCastro, and four others with no party affiliation who have qualified before him — Sue Askeland, Bruce Ray Riggs, Bobbie Bean and Rick Tyler.  Should either the Surfers Party of America or the Possibility Party submit nominees, they would automatically be above all others without a party, thus pushing Crist even lower.  Anyone else filing without affiliation prior to Crist doing so would also appear higher on the ballot than him.

Next, and a sign of more humor to come, in response to a question about who will run his campaign now that basically his entire staff is jumping ship because they want to have future careers in GOP politics, Crist pointed to himself and said, “Right here.”

Let’s see how good his crisis management skills are once people start Googling “Charlie Crist” and they see the suggested options.

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