630 WMAL Circling The Drain After Dumping “Grandy and Andy” – UPDATED: GRANDY IS BACK!!!


Confirmed: Grandy Gone From WMAL – 5/10 – Late last week, DCRTV reported a rumor that Fred Grandy (right) had quit his morning show gig at talker WMAL (630 AM). Today, he’s wiped from WMAL’s website, which lists Chris Plante as solo host for the entire 6 AM to 10 AM slot. This comes two weeks after Grandy’s former morning show partner Andy Parks was given the boot by Citadel, which is in the midst of budget cuts related to its bankruptcy proceedings. A former “Love Boat” star and a former Republican Congressman, Grandy had been paired with Plante from 6 AM to 8:30 AM for the past two weeks. Plante, who, as DCRTV reported, did not like co-hosting with Grandy, soldiers on with newsman Bryan Nehman and producer Ann Wog. More: DCRTV hears from WMAL sources that the station will most certainly be making more changes to its morning show before the end of May. Stay tuned…..

These changes have not sat well with the station’s listeners.  And apparently Citadel has now let go WMAL’s program director and replaced him with the program director for WLS in Chicago who will now do double-duty for both WLS and WMAL while remaining based in Chicago.

But wait!  There’s more!

WMAL Changes As Easy As “ABC” – 5/11 – Rant. So, you have two highly-paid guys hosting a morning show on a local radio station. And your company is going bankrupt and you need to get rid of them. Rather than just fire them after their show one day and start a new show the next day, you do what Citadel did here at Washington’s WMAL. First, you announce a future end-date for the show, which prompts Guy A to leave the show for a few weeks, while Guy B keeps things running solo. Then you actually fire Guy B, dropping hints that he’s “no longer with us,” and bring back Guy A with the guy who hosts the late morning show, Guy C. But after two more weeks, you have Guy A go missing and then quit, with Guy C now taking over the show. You then yank the program director, who we’ll call Guy D, and then drop rumors that the new program director, who we’ll call Guy E, will shake up the morning show and may even get rid of Guy C. Simple as “ABC,” right? And we all just sit here dumbfounded, watching the hacks from Citadel destroying a longtime ABC-owned Washington radio institution. Ponderous, man, ponderous.

If it weren’t for Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, WMAL would already have gone dark.  While I probably agree with much of what Chris Plante has to say, his show is virtually unlistenable at 6 a.m. on my radio alarm clock.  Gone is the traffic and weather “first on the fives.”  Gone are the short news commentary segments that allowed more issues to be covered, including news out of my home base of Prince William County, in favor of long-winded rants on national and international topics that could appear on any generic conservative syndicated talk show.  All this is enough to make one want to wake up to music in the morning!  (Good thing I have a wi-fi internet radio and 18,000 stations plus Sirius XM channels to choose from.)

UPDATE: As of 5 a.m. on May 19th, Fred Grandy is back for 4 hours every morning with The Grandy Group show.


12 thoughts on “630 WMAL Circling The Drain After Dumping “Grandy and Andy” – UPDATED: GRANDY IS BACK!!!

    1. Agreed, LI. This morning, I awoke to the 6 a.m. news on WMAL and by 6:05 when Plante came on I had switched over to the ’80s on 8 morning show with Mark Goodman.

  1. I really like Plante. However I have to agree the 6-9 AM format is not suited well for him. He’d be much better in the 9-11 PM slot.

  2. These folks are running local radio into the ground just like newspapers ran themselves into the ground by getting rid of everything that made people want to enjoy their products and services. It’s like they are intentionally trying to fail as a business.

    Makes me wonder how much it might cost to buy a local radio station and focus on quality and local programming. Heck, pretty soon these stations are going to be available at fire sale prices…

  3. Grandy and Andy was funny and serious at the same time. It was a joy to listen to them while driving to work. In contrast, Chris Plante is just a torrent of words without any meaning. At least Sean Hannity and Mark Levin have a more solid format that is suitable for the afternoon drive. Thanks to my IPod, I don’t listen to this station anymore in the moring.

    Firing Grandy and Andy was a HUGE mistake!

  4. I changed the station on my alarm clock also. It is unbearable without Andy and Grandy. I have erased WMAL from my presets in my car and on 3 radios in the house. What a SAD end. I am so angry with WMAL. If Fred Grandy resurfaces, I will follow him anywhere.

  5. I changed the station after Andy and Grandy ended anyway, Chris Plant is so long winded that I find him absolutely intolerable, which is not to say that I necessarily disagree with his views, I just can’t stand to hear his poor attempts at humor and constant repetativeness of those views. Go blow away! The station is doomed. Even Nehman’s “News and Notes” is reason enough to make me gagfirst thing in the morning, although I didn’t mind him riding shotgun occassionally with either Grandy or Parks, but as a soloist, sorry, catch the next gust of wind and blow away!!

  6. Lived in DC for 10 years, moving July 2009. First they dumped Michael Graham. Got over it. Then they moved Chris Core to mornings when I couldn’t listen. Caught it when I could. Got over it. Still had Grandy and Andy at least during drive time. Then when I moved, I put all three–Graham, Core, and G&A on iTunes and listen when I’m on the computer. Suddenly, G&A is gone. Sorry WMAL — this time, YOU get over it, because I’m gone. I agree with 95% of what Plante says, but I’m tired of everyone explaining their opinion by yelling, cutting people off, and simply calling them names when they disagree. That’s why Hannity frustrates me too — be civil when someone disagrees. Even when Andy got hot and heated — and yes, he DID! — you always understood what the caller was saying, and I don’t recall him EVER cutting anyone off, or calling them names. Other than Fred, of course! Guys, here’s an idea. Go independent, do your show on the net, and I’ll subscribe!

  7. Have always liked Chris Plante. The station has jerked him around, putting him in virtually every time slot. He’s best as a lead-in to Rush. Citadel, WMAL, whoever you are these days, put Plante back at 9 and get some jolly guy for morning drive. If you want to move any more pieces around — buy a jigsaw puzzle.

  8. Plante is the same old “Obama is evil, blah, blah, blah”. His show is the same everyday. Limbaugh is basically the same way but at least he makes the daily Obama bashing sort of entertaining.

  9. I’m not from DC, but after spending a few months there on business, I couldn’t get enough of the Andy and Grandy show. In fact, I would listen to their show each morning on the internet no matter what time zone I was in. I kept thinking that maybe they were on vacation, but once I saw the change, well, no more internet feed for me. I enjoyed the humor, the banter, and the wide range of topics. That was such a good show, I didn’t even listen to my local talk radio. Well, back to my local stations now.

  10. I agree with kimsystems, I do not ususally write e-mails about stuff like this BUT, I loved Grandy and Andy. Will not be listending to WMAL any longer.

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