Tampa To Get 2012 RNC

Looks like the third time is the charm for Tampa, Florida in their effort to land the Republican National Convention.  We’re hearing from multiple sources that the Republican National Committee will announce tomorrow that Tampa will host the 2012 convention the week of Aug. 27.

Still no word on where the Dems will go for their convo, but supposedly St. Louis and Charlotte, NC are in the running.  Phoenix was said to have been another top choice, but is supposedly now out due to the SEIU’s boycott of Arizona stemming from their tough new anti-illegal alien law.


4 thoughts on “Tampa To Get 2012 RNC

  1. The Arizona law will be ancient history by then……….watered down by their own legislature of the courts……………..just like PWC, much ado about nothing!!!

  2. They’re the evil party, and we’re the stupid party. This is a prime example! Tampa in August?! YUCK!

    1. Tampa isn’t that bad in August. It is close enough to the Gulf where the humidity isn’t bad and it is far enough away from the shore where you don’t have to evacuate if there is a hurricane.

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