Feds Let Illegal Alien Go Who Then Killed A Nun

The drunk driver who killed a Catholic nun in Prince William County over the weekend is an illegal alien who PWC police had previously reported to federal authorities.

The man suspected of drunken driving and killing a Catholic nun in Prince William County this weekend is an illegal immigrant who was awaiting deportation and who federal immigration authorities had released pending further proceedings, police said Monday.

The man, Carlos Montano, a county resident, had been arrested by police twice before on drunk-driving charges, and on at least one of those occasions county police reported him to federal authorities.

Prince William County’s anti-illegal alien policy is working.  It is the Federal Government’s failure to enforce its own laws that has resulted in the death of yet another innocent American citizen.

UPDATE: PWC reported this guy to the Feds TWICE.  Plus this guy had multiple arrests.

“How he could be out of jail with this many offenses on his record, and be wanted by Immigrations and Customs enforcement is beyond me. I foresee him serving many years in the penitentiary,” said Prince William County Commonwealth Attorney Paul B. Ebert.

Well, considering he was being prosecuted on many of these occasions by Ebert’s inept office, I’m not at all surprised that this guy was walking around free.


7 thoughts on “Feds Let Illegal Alien Go Who Then Killed A Nun

  1. When is ICE going to stop their catch and release program?

    Oh wait, I know, when Obama is no longer President. Prior to that, undocumented democrats will have a home in the US, regardless of their crimes.

  2. I disagree with you that the “Rule of Law” is working. Clearly, being arrested was no incentive for Morano to leave — and according to Ebert, he needed to drive because he had to take a child to daycare …. which another poster on another blog pointed out the obvious — why is someone convicted of serial DUI’s was allowed to continue to take a child to daycare …..

    No one in PWC is serious about real enforcement. It’s all Kabuki theatre.

  3. I need to go full time on here to make sure everyone is speaking the truth…..the “catch and release” program as Ms. Lovettseville called it started with George Bush, NOT OBAMA……there you go again, blaming Obama for eveything!! And take a look at what the Nuns said about politicizing the tragedy…..they all but condemned those who are using the event …ie. go after Connolly…..condemned them all to hell!!!! i concur………

  4. Ken Reynolds —
    For someone who wants to ensure that “everyone is speaking the truth”, you should try and apply that standard to yourself.
    I read the statement of Sister Smith in the Manassas Journal Messenger. No where in her statement did she “condemned them all to hell !!!”. Your hyperbole diminishes your credibility.

    The Sister’s statement does not surprise me — nor should it anyone else. As I have stated on many occasions, when I traveled to Richmond, VA to give testimony regarding driver’s licenses several years ago, I was shocked and dismayed that the Catholic diocese in Richmond was openly advocating for illegal aliens and pushing to NOT have any restrictions on giving illegal aliens full privileges in Virginia. The role of many of the “social justice” advocates within some corners of the Catholic church has caused a schism within the Catholic community.

    Although this has been properly framed as a federal issue, there is LOTS more that state and local officials could be doing to make it less inviting for illegal aliens to come to and settle in Virginia.

    1. You’ve hit the nail on the head. Both the social justice crowd and the open borders advocates (many are one in the same) are trying to say this isn’t about illegal immigration, it is about drunk driving.

      Well, if this illegal immigrant had either been speedily deported or never made it into the country in the first place, he wouldn’t have been here to drink and drive.

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