SPECIAL INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: Krystal Ball’s (Fire)Fishy Finances Exposed

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As of June 30, 1st Cong. Dist. candidate Krystal Ball had loaned her campaign over $227,000 with $150,000 coming on that date alone.  We previously raised the question of where she got the money to do this and began looking at her financial disclosure report filed with the Clerk of the House of Representatives on Sept. 17, 2009.  (Ball was to have filed a new disclosure report this past May, but has requested an extension until the middle of August.)  This form led us down several more paths that painted a very tangled picture of her finances, her business dealings and those of her husband, Jonathan Dariyanani.

First off, let us say that we found nothing irregular among the following holdings in her stock portfolio:

  • Bank of America – valued between $1,001 to $15,000
  • Newell Rubbermaid – valued between $1,001 to $15,000
  • Sprint – valued between $1,001 to $15,000
  • Starbucks – valued between $1,001 to $15,000

That clears the deck for the complex and tangled financial portrait of over-the-counter penny stocks that we are about to take you into that has all the makings of a Hollywood drama (if they hadn’t already made a film called “Boiler Room.”)

First, the players (and their bios culled from their various business websites):

Krystal Ball – Congressional candidate

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Zoma Ventures, LLC
  • CFO of EdIndia Solutions
  • CFO of Genesis Venture Fund India I, LP
  • Shareholder of Firefish, Inc.
  • Shareholder of Papa Bello Pizza
  • Shareholder of Crowdgather, Inc.

Ms. Ball’s experience implementing accounting software systems for the US Federal Court system, as a consultant for CGI (NYSE:GIB) a multibillion dollar IT and business process services company, gives her a deep understanding of the client side issues involved in the adoption and integration of software based accounting systems. Her work included creating and implementing training programs as well as designing enhancements to existing software.

Jonathan Dariyanani – Krystal Ball’s husband

  • Managing Member / President of Zoma Law Group, LLC
  • Managing Member / President of Zoma Ventures, LLC
  • Founder / CEO of EdIndia Solutions
  • Corporate Counsel / Co-Manager of Genesis Venture Fund India I, LP
  • Secretary / Director of Firefish, Inc.
  • Corporate Director of Crowdgather, Inc.
  • Legal Counsel to Vanguard Management Corp.
  • Corporate Counsel to Aero Financial
  • Secretary / Owner of Instant Wirefree, Inc.
  • Secretary of RRI India, Inc.
  • Secretary of Promed Education, Inc.
  • Secretary of Bancroft Uranium, Inc.
  • Registrant of Wine Purveyors International, Inc.

Attorney Dariyanani began his legal career at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and Rosati, which represents Google, Pixar, Apple, and HP. His corporate law practice focuses on advising high growth technology companies. This passion has led him to found eight separate start-ups, including the language learning company Firebook, which sold to LeapFrog Enterprises. His non-profit, Shakti Learning, providing education to girls in remote Indian villages, has given him tremendous experience and insight into the Indian market, particularly in the education sector. Through involvement with the World Economic Forum he has been actively participating in the global conversation on transforming education in the developing world.

What it doesn’t say here is that Firebook was “acquired at an early stage” (read into that what you will) by LeapFrog and within 5 months the trademark was abandoned by LeapFrog.

The USPTO has given the FIREBOOK trademark serial number of 78240342. The current federal status of this trademark filing is ABANDONED – NO STATEMENT OF USE FILED.

(I guess Firebook just couldn’t compete with Muzzy.)

James Price – Jonathan Dariyanani’s business associate

  • Founder / CEO / President / Principal Financial Officer / Principal Accounting Officer / Fund manager of Genesis Venture Fund India I, LP
  • President / CEO / Chairman of the Board of Papa Bello Pizza
  • Director / Shareholder of Firefish, Inc.
  • Chairman and CEO of Vanguard Management Corp.
  • Chairman of the Board / CEO / President of Aero Financial
  • Owner of Instant Wirefree, Inc.
  • CEO / CFO / Principal Accounting Officer / Director of Wine Purveyors International, Inc.

James (Jim) Martin Price founded Aero Financial Inc. in 1992 and serves as its Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Aero Financial Inc. Mr. Price has been Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer and Director of Wine Purveyors International Inc. since January 2003. In 2005, Mr. Price founded Genesis Venture Fund Managers and serves as its Chief Executive Officer, President, Principal Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer and Director. In 2003, Mr. Price founded Benacquista Galleries, Inc. Mr. Price serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of Benacquista Fine Art and Benacquista Publishing. Mr. Price served as Chief Executive Officer, President, Principal Financial Officer, Principal Accounting Officer and Chairman of the Board at Benacquista Galleries, Inc. Mr. Price has 20 years of experience in numerous facets of the financial services industry, wherein he has developed an expertise in finding small, under funded companies and building them up through investment banking and financial public relations. From December 1997 to February 2002, Mr. Price was the Chief Executive Officer of Columbia Financial Group, Inc., where he was responsible for developing an employee benefit plan and training program for Columbia’s employees and also developed and maintained corporate policies and procedures. From February of 1995 to December of 1997, he was a stockbroker employed by Global Financial in Bel Air. Over a 10 year span as a broker and office Principal, Mr. Price worked at JW Gant, Cohig and Associates, AG Edwards and Sons, and Global Financial. While in the brokerage industry, he developed an affinity for finding small, under funded companies and building them through investment banking and financial public relations. Mr. Price is a veteran of the U.S Army, serving from September of 1982 until September of 1985. Upon his honorable discharge he moved to Maryland and began his career as a successful stock broker. From September 1980 until June 1982, Mr. Price attended Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Washington, where he took general studies courses with an interest in Art History.

Aero Financial is described as follows:

Aero Financial, Inc., a corporation owned and controlled by James Price, which is not a broker dealer or an affiliate of a broker-dealer. Mr. Price has sole voting and dispositive control over shares held by Aero Financial, Inc.

Harshawardan (a.k.a. Harsh) Shetty – Another of Jonathan Dariyanani’s business associates

  • Founder / CEO / President / Treasurer / Director of Firefish, Inc.
  • Owner of Instant Wirefree, Inc.

Now it gets interesting.  Let’s start with Ms. Ball and her husband.

Zoma Law Group, LLC / Zoma Ventures, LLC

The hub of their business dealings appear to be based out of his Zoma Law Group, LLC and Zoma Ventures, LLC.  On her financial disclosure report, Ball stated that in 2008 she received $70,000 in income from Zoma Ventures and another $25,000 in 2009 through Aug. 31 of that year.  Various documents list the following addresses for Zoma Law:

4720 Center Blvd. Suite 317
New York, NY 11109

1703 Franklin Street
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

1329 Clay Street, Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94109

101 Hiller Street
Belmont, CA 94002

An East Liverpool, Ohio address was also listed for the following political contribution:

Jonathan Dariyanani (Zoma Ventures LLC/Venture Capitalis), (Zip code: 43920) $2300 to HILLARY CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT on 02/23/08

If you go to the website for this firm, it only lists the New York City address for it.  The office is located in the borough of Queens in a high rise apartment building.  That building lists the following “Real estate at this address:”

$3,375/mo, 2 bed, 2 bath

$2,130/mo, 0 bed

$3,395/mo, 2 bed, 2 bath

$4,500/mo, 2 bed, 1 bath

Then there is the question of who or what is “Zoma”?

Well, under the New York (where the firm lists its practice) Lawyer’s Code of Professional Responsibility it states:

EC 2-11

The name under which a lawyer practices may be a factor in the selection process. The use of a trade name or an assumed name could mislead non-lawyers concerning the identity, responsibility, and status of those practicing thereunder. For many years some law firms have used a firm name retaining one or more names of deceased or retired partners and such practice is not improper if the firm is a bona fide successor of a firm in which the deceased or retired person was a member, if the use of the name is authorized by law or by contract, and if the public is not misled thereby. However, the name of a partner who withdraws from a firm but continues to practice law should be omitted from the firm name in order to avoid misleading the public.

The firm’s website lists no attorneys other than Mr. Dariyanani who as far as I can tell is only admitted to practice law in the state of California (although the firm’s web site doesn’t even say that.)  So, who or what is “Zoma” and how can it be described as a “Law Group” if there is only one attorney in it?

Well, what about Zoma Ventures, LLC?  After all, Ms. Ball is CFO of that company, so surely there must be greater transparency there, right?


The brief bios for Ms. Ball and Mr. Dariyanani are accompanied by one for the company’s Chief Operating Office (COO) John Campbell:

John Campbell, COO

lorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum orem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsumorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsumorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsumorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsumorem ipsum lorem ipsum lorem ipsum

I’m glad they cleared that up. That John Campbell is one impressive guy!

EdIndia Solutions

The address in Queens for Zoma Law Group is also used by EdIndia Solutions, another of the companies for which Ms. Ball is listed as CFO.  Just take a look at the website for this company and you’ll find it to be very telling.

Ms. Ball and Mr. Dariyanani are listed (including the same brief bios found for each of them on the various other websites they have affiliations with) as “Current Management” along with a “Joanna Schneier, Director of Content and Media,” but it is the “Additional Management” who are of greatest interest.

Additional Managment

EdIndia intends to augment its existing management team by adding additional highly qualified professionals who can help the company achieve excellence and scale in the Indian educational market.

Chief Technology Officer
An experienced Indian executive who has managed the software, hardware, technical support, automation, web presence, inventory control and CRM software for a consumer electronics enterprise and who has extensive software production experience, including the development of custom tools in a C++ or similar environment.

Chief Operating Officer
A seasoned manager with extensive experience in the importation, inventory management, assembly, packaging, field delivery and warranty support for a consumer electronics importer/ assembler in India. This person should also function in a quality assurance role in cooperation with the Chief Technology Officer.

Vice-President of Marketing
This exceptional individual was a high-level manager at one of India’s largest fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies. They have extensive experience with advertising campaigns, direct marketing campaigns, all forms of media, web marketing and demographic analysis and have been involved in the launch of several new lines/brands under conditions resembling the pressure and velocity of a start-up enterprise.

That’s right.  Very detailed descriptions of individuals who apparently don’t even have names!  (Re-read these descriptions and you will see that the first two are thinly-veiled job opening listings with a few “should”s thrown in here and there, but the VP of Marketing references very specific things that the individual supposedly had done.)  It looks as if the Zoma Ventures COO John Campbell would make a good match here — one has a name in search of a bio and the other has a bio in search of a name.

Genesis Venture Fund India I, LP

This brings us to Genesis Venture Fund India I, LP, the third and final (as far as we have been able to uncover so far) company for which Ms. Ball acts as CFO.  Recall that her husband also serves as the fund’s Corporate Counsel and Co-Manager.  This company also marks the first time that she is directly connected at such a high level with James Price, who is listed as the Fund Manager.  His name will pop up again later in two of Ms. Ball’s stock holdings, Firefish and Papa Bello Pizza.

So, what are the portfolio companies in this fund?

Meet the portfolio companies of Genesis Venture Fund. Throughout 2008, we built upon our momentum in India, locating two emerging growth and one startup companies we believe have above-average return opportunities and clear exit possibilities.

Continuing Education Solutions

Mobile Education Service Provider

Private School Provider

Satellite Distance Service Provider

In fact, this fund is the second largest owner of stock in Firefish, a company that Ms. Ball lists investments in ranging between $100,001 and $250,000.  Mr. Price is also a shareholder and director of Firefish.  Here is where, pardon the pun, things get fishy.

Genesis Venture Fund announced in a press release that it has entered into a strategic business development agreement with Vanguard Management Corp.

Under the deal, Vanguard agrees to provide the above consulting services for a term of 24 months.  Genesis will be issued 125,000 common shares of Vanguard as part of the transaction in exchange for 15% of the limited partnership interests in Genesis that will be issued to Vanguard.  Genesis will also pay Vanguard up to $250,000 in cash milestone payments based on the performance of consulting services by Vanguard for Genesis under the Agreement.

What is interesting is that Mr. Price is both the fund manager of Genesis Venture Fund India I, LP and the Chairman and CEO of Vanguard Management Corp. so essentially he entered into this agreement with himself.  That won’t be the only time that we see that here among Ms. Ball’s business dealings and investments.

Krystal Ball’s Penny Stock Investments

Firefish, Inc.

Ball lists on her financial disclosure form that she owns stock in Firefish valued between $100,001 and $250,000.  That is pretty hard to believe given the prospectus that Firefish put out for their initial offering.

We will sell the Shares at $1.00. This price was determined by us arbitrarily.

There is no public market for our Common Stock. We cannot give any assurance that the Shares will have a market value, or that they can be resold at the offered price if and when an active secondary market might develop, or that a public market for our Shares may be sustained even if developed. The absence of a public market for our stock will make it difficult to sell your Shares.

We intend to apply to the FINRA over-the-counter bulletin board, through a market maker that is a licensed broker dealer, to allow the trading of the Shares upon our becoming a reporting entity under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. If the Shares becomes so traded and a market for the stock develops, the actual price of stock will be determined by prevailing market prices at the time of sale or by private transactions negotiated.

At this point, it appears that this stock has yet to be publicly traded.

Firefish has a history of filing incomplete information with the Securities and Exchange Commission and recently notified the SEC that they would be filing late.

Most interesting, though, is that the SEC has been looking into Firefish and its tangled relationship with Genesis Venture Fund India I, LP (of which Ball is CFO), James Price and Ball’s husband, Jonathan Dariyanani.

Genesis Venture Fund India I, LP is the second largest investor in Firefish.  Ball’s husband also serves as the secretary and a director of Firefish on filings while Price is listed as both a director and a shareholder.  Harshawardan (A.K.A. Harsh) Shetty, the company’s Founder, CEO, President, Treasurer, Director is the company’s largest shareholder.

Papa Bello Pizza

Ball lists on her financial disclosure form that she owns stock in Papa Bello Pizza valued between $50,001 and $100,000.  This stock is currently trading at 32 cents per share.

According to its profile on the Bloomberg Businessweek website, “As of September 4, 2009, Papa Bello Enterprises, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Aero Financial, Inc.”  As you may recall, Aero Financial counts James Price as its Chairman of the Board and Jonathan Dariyanani as its Corporate Counsel.  Also of note is a press release Vanguard Management Corp was retained as strategic consultant by Papa Bello Enterprises.  Why is that of interest?

Jim Price, Chairman and CEO of Vanguard Management Corp states, “Papa Bello Enterprises has greatly evolved itself over the past two years.  The company has gone from a single concept company to a multi concept, multi location company with much greater potential for expansion.  We will work tirelessly to help Papa Bello expand its footprint in the United States and explore additional options internationally.”

(Dariyanani is also Vanguard’s legal counsel.)

Oh, by the way, the President & CEO / Chairman of the Board of Papa Bello?  James Price.  So, basically, Price acquired his own company as a subsidiary of another of his own companies and then retained yet another of his own companies to serve as its strategic consultant.  And these all merited press releases.  Can you see where this is going?

The company has apparently reported no earnings.  Maybe that’s because it seems that no one, including their own website, can locate where they have restaurants.

Crowdgather, Inc.

Ball lists on her financial disclosure form that she owns stock in Crowdgather valued between $100,001 and $250,000.  The stock is currently trading at $1.05 per share.  And the financials for this company don’t look so hot, either.

Return on Assets: -201.89%

Return on Equity: -371.19%

Return on Investment: -371.19%

Crowdgather is the center of speculation that it is engaging in “pumping” of its stock through press releases, spam emails and various other “paid advertising” third-party stock promoters.

Wine Purveyors International, Inc.

Ms. Ball does not list any stock in Wine Purveyors International, Inc. nor a position with this company.  However, her husband serves as its corporate registrant and counsel and James Price is listed as its CEO / CFO / Principal Accounting Officer / Director.  While each of them are also connected to several other companies (the uranium company that Dariyanani is affiliated with in particular raised red warning flags for Virtucon’s resident former stock broker Jay Hughes), it is Wine Purveyors International that gives us a glimpse into some other individuals whom Dariyanani and Price have associated themselves with.

On the original SB-2 filing with the SEC for Wine Purveyors, the names Dan Starczewski, Joe Overcash, and Frank Morelli appear.  Why is that important?

Litigation Release No. 21416 / February 18, 2010

SEC Charges Greenstone Holdings, Inc., the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, Two Attorneys, and Four Stock Promoters with Pump and Dump

On February 18, 2010, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a civil action in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York charging issuer Greenstone Holdings, Inc., the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Hisao Sal Miwa, the company’s outside counsel, John B. Frohling, attorney Thomas F. Pierson, and four stock promoters, Daniel D. Starczewski, Joe V. Overcash, Jr., Frank J. Morelli, III, and James S. Painter, III with engaging in an illegal, and in some cases fraudulent, scheme to sell hundreds of millions of Greenstone shares to the public. At the same time, Greenstone and Miwa fraudulently “pumped” the market for Greenstone stock by issuing a series of false and misleading press releases and hiring third-party stock promoters to circulate many of these statements on the internet and via email. On June 18, 2008, as part of its Anti-Spam Initiative, the SEC suspended trading in Greenstone’s securities.

. . .

In addition, according to the SEC’s complaint, Greenstone and Miwa intentionally prepared and disseminated to the public a long series of materially false and misleading press releases announcing fictitious Greenstone business transactions and otherwise creating the false appearance of a thriving company. Acting with Miwa’s knowledge and consent, Starczewski, Overcash, and Painter also hired a multitude of stock promoters to tout Greenstone (and its stock price) through widely-distributed internet campaigns. Often these materials repeated the false and misleading claims set out in the company’s press releases, while failing to disclose that Greenstone had paid for the campaigns with its illegal stock issuances.

Interesting to say the least.

Here is some background on what is called a “boiler room” and how “pump and dump” works:

A boiler room usually has an undisclosed relationship with the company being promoted or undisclosed profit from the sale of the house stock they are promoting. When a small company is looking for financing, it looks to an investment bank to raise capital. Usually this is a legal procedure but most boiler rooms perform this function for companies that don’t exist. After the managers of the boiler room invest money through the phony company or shell, they can either (A): Underwrite aninitial public offering (IPO) or (B): back the phony company into a “shell” company that has gone out of business and no longer trades, usually on the OTC Bulletin Board or the Pink Sheets that carry many small and thinly traded stocks.

The managers of the boiler room usually have close ties to the same owners of the company whose stock is being promoted. After the salesforce of the boiler room sells their clients on the idea of the IPO, they are not allowed to sell the shares that the customer invested. This is because there is no real “market” for the shares, so any shares sold before buyers are attracted would create a large loss in the price of the stock, due to it being thinly traded with no public support. Once the insider investors are in place, a boiler room promotes (via telephone calls to brokerage clients or spam email) these thinly traded stocks where there is no actual market. The brokers of the boiler room actually “create” a market by attracting buyers, whose demand for the stock drives up the price; This gives the owners of the company enough volume to sell their shares at a profit, a form of pump and dump operation where the original investors profit at the expense of the investors taken in by the boiler room operation.

So, among the many questions that this all raises are:

  • What is the true value of Krystal Ball’s penny stock portfolio and did she accurately report it to the Clerk of the House on her financial disclosure form?
  • Are Firefish, Papa Bello and/or Crowdgather involved in any “pump and dump” activity or are they legitimate small start-up companies who only unfortunately resemble Greenstone?
  • If the former, to what extent, if any, is Ball involved in such possible activity (she is the CFO of the second largest investor in Firefish) or is she the victim of a possible stock scam?
  • Given Ball’s total investments in Bank of America, Newell Rubbermaid, Sprint and Starbucks range between $4K and $60K, yet she has loaned her campaign over $227,000, is she funding her campaign by selling some of her Firefish, Papa Bello and/or Crowdgather stock?  (Whenever she gets around to filing her next financial disclosure form, we should have a better idea as to this.)
  • If Ball’s penny stock investments are being driven by pumps, is she then participating in well-timed dumps to raise money to fund her congressional campaign?

If Ms. Ball would like to answer any of these questions or if  Mr. Dariyanani, Mr. Price or Mr. Shetty would like to correct any of the public records from which we have drawn this information regarding Ms. Ball’s investments, we would gladly allow them the opportunity to do so here.

Click here for a chart detailing these various financial relationships.

UPDATE: Be sure to read the comments below.  Many of our readers have uncovered even more details about these companies that Ms. Ball is involved with.


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  1. Look up a lady named Ranni, I think it is. Jim Price hired her as his CFO, if I am not mistaken. It appears she is having some legal issues of her own.

  2. Riley, Yes,Ranni is not directly involved with all of the other financial stuff going on in the “Ball Game”, but birds of a feather …..

    I bet there is more. I did note that there was some volume on one of the penny stocks (that KB ownes/owned), I believe in February, someone picked up some stock at an inflated price. Poor son of a gun. Someone made some money for nothing.

    1. Well, Ball’s extension for her financial disclosure report to the Clerk of the House of Representatives runs out on Monday. Once that is filed, we should have a better idea as to whether she made some of that money.

  3. What about the contributions from people supposedly employed at those companies?

    Doesn’t anyone find it odd that a nobody Democrat challenger, in an overwhelmingly Republican district, all of a sudden could raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in the worst economy in decades?

    I think this is still just the tip of the iceberg on this story.

  4. Those charts scream pump and dump. Check out the financials too – bottom line shrinking while revs expand.

  5. see below a friend sent me,

    After reading about some of the shell companies that Ms.Ball and her husband are a part of, I did a little bit of research into Papa Bello Pizza. I found that on their website in april of 2007 they had listed numerous locations of operation. It seemed legitimate enough, until I looked a little closer. For example, they have listed a Minnesota location; that location for some reason had a cell phone number from Texas for its contact, now registered to a Debbie Russell.

    I also looked at Genesis Venture Fund, which Krystal is CFO at. Looking into it, it very much looks like a shoddy attempt to bilk investors out of money(It really only gives a vague description of services etc..), I assume foreign investors were the target, but would have to look a their financials to really get a feel for what goes on there. In their “portfolio” they list the other shell companies that Dariyanni had created or was connected to as their client list. The SEC would have a field day with this.

  6. A favorite part of the Zoma website: “We help you integrate social media solutions into your development to develop solutions…”

    Approx. translation: “Want to know what we do? So do we.” John Campbell, COO probably wants to know, too.

  7. What’s the difference between Zoma and Zima?

    One is lightweight, vapid and makes you look like a dork.

    The other is a crappy alcoholic drink that never should have been popular in the first place — but hey, it was the ’90s…

  8. Riley, you missed the fact that his business address in Fredericksburg is actually a single family rental home. No big deal there….unless he doesn’t have the proper city permit to operate a business from his home.

  9. The Latest Stock With A $300,000 Paid Mailer & Why It Probly Stinks
    Posted by Timothy Sykes on Wed 17th of Feb, 2010 08:00:28 AM Remember my interview on Mixergy.com about how to create a multi-million dollar business online?

    Remember my blog post asking you guys if you thought NXT Nutritionals Holdings Inc. (NXTH) was a pump & dump?

    Remember when TIMalert subscribers and I made $22,000+ short selling NXTH as it did its typical 50%+ intraday collapse?

    Well, all 3 of those blog posts are relevant when it comes to the lesson I’m about to teach you:
    Because I was just inspired to write this post immediately after seeing the CEO of Crowdgather Inc. (CRWG) talking about how his company is gonna blah blah blah blah acquire and blah blah blah.

  10. http://www.timothysykes.com/2010/08/crowdgathers-ceo-sanjay-sabnani-spits-on-michael-arrington-with-new-200000-promotional-mailer/ Unfortunately, Michael Arrington of TechCrunch sees fit to cover this pump and dump’s latest acquisition, which the pump and dump in turn has used to spread a new promotional mailer for which SOMEBODY paid $200,000…now instead of just Google being rumored to be interested in cash-hemoraging CrowdGather, the mailer’s victims are expected to believe Yahoo! and Microsoft are also interested in a company claiming to be revolutionizing advertising when in reality they have earned $300,000 in total revenue for the past year…losing $3+ million…

    To put the numbers in perspective, the last two mailers on CRWG have now cost $500,000….hmmmm, why is somebody spending so much money on lets-invite-the-SEC-to-question-us-because-we-are-exhibiting-all-the-characteristics-of-every-single-pump-and-dump-ever-shut-down-or-halted-by-the-SEC!

    I know it sounds somewhat crazy to say I know what’s going to happen to any company, but my thesis stands on the shoulders of HUNDREDS of pump and dumps with the EXACT characteristics of CRWG…and nope, because I learned from what I did wrong exposing past pump and dumps, I’m not short CRWG so I have no reason to expose them (tough to pin some false motive on me now huh you sack of shit Sanjay)…paid-for spammish-surely-manipulative mailers like the ones below just really piss me off…how can people be so deceitful?

    Sanjay, does it not bother you that by being such a scumbag that you are destined to go to hell? Don’t even waste my time saying you have nothing to do with these mailers or “just recently became aware of their existence”–I’ve heard it all before and your refusal to debate me or even put out a press release or SEC filing deriding such manipulative marketing means you’re in on it and it’s up to the SEC, FBI, OSC and GOD to judge you, you sick son of a bitch.

    You can con naive technology writers, but I will expose every last cent you, your “shareholders” and your associate spend on BLATANTLY MANIPULATIVE marketing such as the junk below…I hope you live a well expensed-account life, for eventually your transgressions and lies will come back to bite you as the prayers or your thousands of victims will be answered….

    Sanjay, I’d still LOVE to publicly debate you if you have the guts or perhaps you refuse due to the 5th amendment? If so, thats probly the first smart thing you’ve done in many, many months, put off the inevitable failure, court appointments, possible jail time, etc.

  11. Outrageous money issues aside…I am disgusted by her campaign cards being sent out that distort and “misrepresent” facts of Rob Wittman’s voting record in Congress. I have called her office about this but no one seems to care…massage facts, funny money…phew! Where did she come from?

  12. Wonder how much Crowd Gather stock she has now. It was pumped in February, up to $2.33. She had at least 100K shares, bet she dumped most, if not all. They were “given” to her husband in trade. He knows the deal. He wants to be rich, and will do what it takes.

  13. Jonathon D has 123K of shares according to yahoo. If Krystal had between $100K to 200K worth of CRWG at the time of her initial financial disclosure, she had to have a similar number, since it was arbitrarily at $1.00 to $1.20 per share in Sep 2009 (her statement is dtd 12 Sep 2009). If she dumped when she could have made the bucks, she could have “made” somewhere in the vicinity of $200 to $400K. She is quite the small business owner alright, and what business acumen. Is this a big enough (fire) fish for the SEC to pursue?

  14. Its interesting that a “social equality” candidate would be willing to use such underhanded tactics and methods to gain wealth, when she espouses wealth redistribution and progressive ideals. It would seem that her spoken philosophy is somewhat the antithesis of the actions of her and her husband.

  15. Well, she did become a CPA, so she would know how to ‘cook books’.

    Which brings up a question regarding her loans to her campaign….did she really ‘loan’ that money or is it just on the books? I can easily say I ‘loaned’ $226,000 to my campaign and just pay myself back from campaign contributions.

    But, there is a catch…falsifying campaign contributions documents is a felony! But who has the power to investigate this???? Hmmmmmmm

  16. How long until a MSM outlet covers this?

    Does it take an investigation or legal action to transpire for them to pay attention?

    They are using the same strategy that crowdgather used, with deceptive mailers and “pumping up” her candidacy.

    Where is the outrage in the media!!!??

  17. I would be interested if the VV resident stock market knowledgeable person thinks that the actions of J. Daryinani et al warrant an investigation. It appears that unless an unwitting buyer complains, or some other trigger, the SEC pretty much allows these shysters operate with impunity.

  18. But what is your point? Is it that Ms. Ball is not the best candidate for Congress from the 1st Congressional District? Congressman Wittman is not only ineffective, he has proved to us he has no original thoughts on how to clean up the fiscal mess left after two unpaid for wars. He voted for these wars!! Where we his efforts to pay for them (or get the Iraqis at least to pay for theirs) and not saddle our children and grandchildren with the expense? Sorry folks, Ms. Ball has my vote.

    1. Sorry, Moriarity, but Rob Wittman was elected in 2007. The Afghanistan war was authorized by Congress in 2001 and Iraq was authorized in 2003 (not formal declarations of war, mind you.) And are you saying he is ineffective based upon Ball’s mailer? That mailer was based upon Wittman serving for THREE DAYS in 2007 after his special election and even then he managed to be above some other members of Congress. If you support Ball, you’re a fool who should buy lots of Papa Bello Pizza stock.

  19. I hope someone from the SEC may be monitoring this reply… Nearly 2 years ago I was contacted by a man named William Powell with Aero Financial, who worked directly for James Price. The purpose of his call was to convince me to by stock in Papa Bello Pizza. This was stock which at the time was selling for about $.50/share. Mr. Powell claimed there was a master lease agreement with Wallmart and was on the verge of going through the roof. I bought some shares. At first the stock went down but then increased. Then Mr. Powell suggested a stock called Go Healthy. Supposedly, the company made a cholesterol reducing supplement. I agreed to purchase some of the company stock. Then Mr. Powell suggested a company called P.I.E.W. which was a company made building materials…….When the gains I had experienced turned to losses, I became suspect and declined to buy this stock………Then, an interesting thing happened. In January of 2010 Mr. Price called me directly. The purposed of his call was to try to convince me to buy $50000 worth of Papa Bello Pizza at a substantial discount. The stock at the time was selling for about $.60/share and if I bought $50000 worth of this stock, I could own it for $.25/share. The only condition was, I had to keep the stock for 6 months. He then sent me a purchase agreement. in PDF format, which I sent to several of my friend who may consider such an investment. We declined Mr. Prices offer which was a good thing since 6 months later, the stock tanked and is now selling for $.11/share. Whether or not this was a fraudulent scam by Mr. Price is not up to me to decide. I do however feel the possibility of an attempted fraudulent act by both Mr. Powell and Mr. Price greatly exists and is worth investigating. I do have a copy of the purchase agreement that Mr. Price sent me.

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