From The Government’s “Who Can We Piss Off Next” Department

U.S Dept. of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is looking into the possibility of banning all drivers from using cell phones (even hands free devices such as Bluetooths and built-in car speakers) as well as SYNC and OnStar.

LaHood, 64, said even hands-free phone conversations are a “cognitive distraction.”

What’s next?  Telling drivers they can’t talk to passengers in their cars? (When I was in a car accident two years ago, the woman who rear-ended me going 65 MPH on I-95 while I was stopped in traffic wasn’t talking on a cell phone or texting, she was talking to the passenger next to her — granted the idiot felt the need to completely turn her head to talk to the passenger instead of keeping her eyes on the road ahead of her.)

Here’s an idea — how about not handing out driver’s licenses like they are a right and instead only giving them to those people who prove that they can drive safely and responsibly?  What a concept!


One thought on “From The Government’s “Who Can We Piss Off Next” Department

  1. That is pretty extreme. What about peole who smoke or eat while driving? They are also distracted. And maybe we should remove all stereo systems from cars, lest they distract the driver. That said, I do think people who text while driving have a death wish.

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