Tea Party Convention update

Well, folks, I’m having a wonderful time here – I’ve met up with Tom White of Virginia Right! as well as Norm Leahy of Tertium Quids. Tom is wonderful fun, and Norm, of course, is his charming self πŸ˜‰ (Hi, guys! *waves*)

Lynn Mitchell – SWAC Girl – is manning the table at Bloggers’ Row (so to speak), but I came back up to the Media ready room because I feel much better leaving my laptop alone here while I wander. Lynn seems to know everyone

The opening was wonderful – Bishop Jackson gave the opening prayer, and then also gave the initial keynote welcome. I’ve never heard him speak before, and WOW! His church is truly blessed to have a man of such eloquence, passion and faith in the pulpit. He began by asking us all whether the Tea Party is racist or hateful (an obvious and resounding NO!”),but ended by inviting anyone who loves our country, who loves our Constitution, who loves our Declaration, and who loves the Judeo-Christian foundations of our nation to join up with the Tea Party movement and get involved.

It is not about color, it is not about race. It is about cherishing and honoring and protecting our Founders’ vision for a free country of citizens who will self-govern and do not want the government bureaucracy interfering with the liberty given to us by our Creator.

I hope that I will have the opportunity to get at least some of these speeches on DVD; someone is filming in the central exhibition hall… πŸ˜‰

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