Ready for Day Two of the Virginia Tea Party Convention

Yesterday, I had the opportunity of attending a seminar with Del. Bob Marshall and Jim McKelvey (former candidate for the Republican nomination for the House in VA-5),moderated by Pat McSweeny, and I didn’t post anything about it… It was quite interesting, and I wish I had video, but my battery wasn’t properly charged (*facepalm* – and that little issue is fixed now).

However, both of these gentlemen made some excellent points which really stuck in my mind. They’re not terribly complex at all, but they are very much part of the foundation of the Tea Party movement. Mr. McKelvey pointed out that there are two simple questions which should direct elected officials in every decision they make:

  1. Is this according to the Constitution?
  2. Can we afford it?

Yes, folks, it really IS that simple!

Del. Marshall said, “As an elected official, we are supposed to serve you with the power you give us.” I wish that more of our men and women – heck, ALL of them! – would have this attitude! After all, they are our employees, and we are not their subjects. Unfortunately, far too many people in government service think they’re in office to rule over their fellow citizens – which should be a very dangerous assumption.

Finally, both these men stressed that it is each individual’s responsibility to stand up and vote “NO!” when their representatives do not live up to their constitutional responsibilities.

I am enjoying myself immensely – lots of good information, friendly people, blog family, and a great deal of interesting things to see and learn!

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