Help Make Ronald Reagan Elementary School A Reality In PWC

Speaking of Ronald Reagan’s centennial

Here is an opportunity for Prince William County to take part in the celebration.

The Prince William County School Board is seeking name suggestions for the elementary school under construction at 8301 Linton Hall Rd. in Bristow.

Suggestions should be sent to the Prince William County School Division Community Relations Office, P.O. Box 389, Manassas, Va. 20108, or e-mailed to by Dec. 1.

The School Board’s naming committees will consider geographic or historical names, as well as those of deceased people who made local, state or national contributions.

Following is the suggestion that I submitted.

Since the new elementary school on Linton Hall Road here in Prince William County is set to open in 2011, the year when celebrations are being planned for the centennial of President Ronald Reagan’s birth, I think that it is only fitting that the school be named “Ronald Reagan Elementary School.”  On Oct. 7, U.S. Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) sent a letter to Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell calling on state officials to “take appropriate measures” to mark the occasion of President Reagan’s birth.  In 2008, the Virginia General Assembly voted to designate Feb. 6th as Ronald Reagan Day in Virginia with only one member out of all 140 delegates and senators voting against it.  It is clear that such a honor would have bipartisan support and the legacy of Reagan’s presidency could serve as an inspiration to the students at this school.

Please join me in working to get this new elementary school named after President Reagan!


8 thoughts on “Help Make Ronald Reagan Elementary School A Reality In PWC

  1. Who will run against Jim Webb? I hope George Allen……..and hopefully, Virginians will see that George is a lot of hot air in cowboy boots!!!!! You folks are obvoiusly a sophisticated bunch……….do you really think that George Allen is smarter/more productive than Webb??

  2. ps…….thanks for all the cool-aid….but no one has commented on my questoin as to why all you ‘patriots’ are cool with the US Chamber selling American democracy for 33 pieces of silver!!!!!! You Go Guys!!!!!

    1. If Democrats think bashing the Chamber of Commerce is a political winner, then perhaps they should move on to the next logical phase of this and start attacking the Rotary Club and the Knights of Columbus.

  3. I suppose I will be concerned about foreign influences on our election when Ken and his Democrat crew launch an investigation into the millions of untraceable donations Obama received in 2008–including tens of millions that even the NY Times conceded came from overseas.

  4. Welll, I learn something new everyday.Obama..overseas money????
    And Ignatius…i disagree that we s/do one thing when another thing is done by someone else. Cant you patriots own up to the fact that the Chamber is selling our democracy??? The Knights do have somethings in common with the Chamber………..BUT, c’mon patriots (and I dont mean GMU)…last week i heard that the Bank of Bahrrain gave them $1 million and then came for a visit the next day!! I wait for my bus there and did see some weird things going on there. 3 Marines casually watching the place on one side….and the “man” with dark glasses and lapel button fixated on the bldg from the other side………

    You keep yammering about our free market. Kindly point to me anywhere in our country that you consider to be a “free market”. Answer: there isn’t any more free market in our country. Hasn’t been for many years. You ALSO keep yammering about the socialists and communists in our midst. I submit to you that your so called “Free Market” is only possible now because we have watched our big businesses, systematically sell out our industrial manufacturing, to CHINEESE COMMUNISTS, in the interests of maximizing profits using cheap labor and the iron fisted control of a totalitarian COMMUNIST government. Your Republican big business friends sure don’t seem to mind communists when turning a record profit. . They have ruined our middle class, and handed our manufacturing base, lock stock and barrel over to communists.
    You yammer, with your fake outrage, about loss of our moral high ground, well our own corporations have sold us out to communists in the interest of profits. Profits over the morality of endorsing a Communist regime, A regime who couldn’t care less about human rights. A regime who provides cheap, totally controlled manufacturing in order to maximize their profits.
    You are right of course, we need to worry about communists. controlling us. Just ask your big business Republican friends who sold us out to them.
    To YOU free market means using any means necessary, regardless of morality, to make a buck. Profits before people or morality eh, ASSHOLE

    That said, wouldn’t it have been a better idea to put all that economic growth and manufacturing base next door. if you were gonna farm it out as cheap labor. ?
    Why that didn’t happen is beyond me. logistically, its a win, and wouldn’t you rather live next door to an industrial based economy instead of a failed narco state.?
    Just think of all the petroleum products we could be saving on by not having our goods travel that extra 8000 miles. ! each way.

    IN OTHER WORDS: RICH REPUBLICANS WOULD RATHER PAY THEIR FELLOW OIL BARRONS ( yea, lots of free market there) than pay Americans.

    You claim to eschew hypocrites.. Just try to justify this outrage. You jerks.

    PS Fox news is controlled not by Rupert Murdoch, but by a saudi Prince. another subversive anti American telling you assholes what to do.

  6. fcs John Birch is really pissed. I started one of the chapters of Young Americans for Freedom in the 60s and abandoned any thought of being a conservative when i saw that conservatism had no place in the world…..and now, John Birch, father of YAF, confirms this 50 yrs later……….although he is bitter and i am a delighted and content middle of the road person….some call that being a Liberal….i sure do like the Dems over most republicans….and John, you just prove my point of 50 yrs ago……there is no place in the world of commerce or society for meaningful conservatism!!!! so just call everyone an asshole!!!

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