Gerry Connolly Violating Congressional Franking Rules?

Sure looks that way

According to Sec. 3210(a)(6)(A), members of Congress may not use a congressional frank for a mass mailing within 90 days before an election.  Given that this letter is dated Oct. 15, 2010, this letter definitely falls within that prohibited timeframe.

What about any exception to the rule?  Well, given that the letter is addressed “Dear Friend,” it is clear that this letter is not in direct response to an inquiry from an individual; was not sent to a congressional colleague or other governmental official; and was not a news release to the media.  It also does not appear that this is in relation to the normal business of any committee or subcommittee that he may chair.  Furthermore, there are widespread reports of this letter being sent out.

So, what else can we conclude other than Gerry Connolly is violating congressional rules and using taxpayer funds to try and boost his reelection campaign.


6 thoughts on “Gerry Connolly Violating Congressional Franking Rules?

  1. The times – they are a changing.

    I have lived in the 11th District for over two decades. It is a true delight to see the ever arrogant Gerry Connolly finally on his way out.

    The 11th District has, like the rest of the nation, awoken and said “what have we done” and are getting ready to undo this mistake before it gets any worse.

    The choice is simple – more of the same nightmare with Gerry (and have no doubt he promises more of the same) or a re-awkening of the American dream and a new begining with Keith Fimian.

    11th district it is just a nightmare. It is time to wake up – time to end it. You can do it, but only if you vote on November

  2. “And you didn’t post the same comment over there why?”

    He doesn’t because then he’d have to admit his party is not that one of the “never dishonest” crowd.

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