Gerry Connolly & Friends — All About Abortion and Guns in the Final Days

Chronic high unemployment.  An anemic economy.  Uncertainty about the future.  So, what is Gerry “Hit and Run” Connolly and his all-eunuch orchestra at the DCCC talking about?  Abortion and guns — 24/7.

While Keith Fimian is running on job creation, tax cuts and economic growth (while simultaneously hammering Connolly on his failed record of runaway spending, tax hikes and government control of our healthcare system), Connolly is AWOL on these fiscal issues in the final days of Campaign 2010.

There has not been any public polls released in the 11th District outside of one from a month ago that showed Fimian with about a 5-point lead.  However, there are two sure signs that Connolly is trailing, perhaps badly.  First, he and his pals are playing the abortion and gun control cards.  Second, the DCCC has dropped $1 million into his race in the final week of the campaign, the most of anywhere in the country.  You don’t do that if your guy is ahead in the polls.


8 thoughts on “Gerry Connolly & Friends — All About Abortion and Guns in the Final Days

  1. Riley,

    I love your posts. This recent one regarding Gerry Connolly and resorting to abortion and guns as true “issues” during the final moments of the campaign, made me recall a bumper sticker that I once saw.

    “Guns kill people … just like a spoon made Rosie O’Donnel fat”

  2. Yet, despite evidence to the contrary (like Connolly’s ads), it’s Republicans who are always accused of using so-called “wedge” issues.

  3. The wrong people with guns that kill people. About the Va Tech issue, Fimian’s opinion is not extreme it’s common sense. Look at the shooting in Fort Hood! If any one else had been carrying their weaponry (as it should be in a military base) we might be telling a different story! Dems and extreme libs like Gerry don’t get the 2nd amendment. They use it to protect criminals! Enough already! Connolly has also infused $2million into negative campaign ads painting Fimian in a bad light. Connolly’s MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE to pick a fight w/ Fimian is abortion?? Desperation Gerry? “It’s the economy stupid!” couldn’t be more accurate. Vote Keith Fimian to get our district back on track!

  4. Fimian brought the gun issue down on his own head when he told a TV reporter that the outcome of the Virginia Tech massacre would have been different if the kids were “packing heat.”

    Fimian brought the abortion issue down on himself when he told a radio reporter that if his daughter was raped, he would urge her to carry the rapist’s baby to term. He called the baby “his grand kid.” That’s sick.

  5. Any time Fimian was pulled off his national talking points, the poor guy was lost in space. That’s why he continued to make stupid “foot in mouth” comments like “I didn’t read the bill, but I still oppose it.”

    Or “I had no time for civic involvement in the community because I was too busy running my business.”

    Or “I really don’t know much about that subject, but I’ll learn when I get to Congress.”

    How can anyone consider voting for Fimian. Do we want to elect someone that the Post editorial called “politically extreme and scantily informed?”

  6. PatB,

    It’s nice how you were able to make it over to our fine site here. But, there’s one question I do have to ask. How much has Gerry Connolly paid you to voice an opinion that may not be your own?

    Are you on some Election Day crusade trying to change the minds of the voters? Finally, I need to remind you about what being a Congressman or Congresswoman is all about. It’s about supporting the people. While Gerry Connolly might have appeared a bit more “poised” in his answering of many questions, it doesn’t mean that his answers are the best. Clearly, it’s been proven in his voting record that he doesn’t make the best decisions.

    Gerry Connolly’s decisions have all been proven out that they’ll hurt our country and our economy – it’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN. And, don’t you think that two years ago, Gerry Connolly didn’t have all of the answers when he entered Congress? There is no pre-scripted instruction manual how to work as a Congressperson.

    Finally, if someone seems well “poised” and can have a response to each and every question, then I start to worry. I have to wonder if they truly know what they’ve just said or not. I could debate Gerry Connolly and come up with solid answers each time, but I have no interest in serving Congress.

    For now, Keith Fimian is getting the votes of my family, many of my neighbors and several people who don’t want Gerry Connolly to recklessly spend any more of their money.

  7. Nice. I really enjoy reading knee-jerk Republican responses. The Congressman’s votes on healthcare and the President’s plan to save the economy are the right reasons to vote for Gerry Connolly. You try to sell the point that he is too poised and well versed in his job as a bad thing? A perfect Republican response. Your party and people convince voters to vote against their own best interest. Good luck in repealing healthcare.

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