Frank Principi: “I think we have done ourselves some damage.”

Leave it to the Clown Prince of Woodbridge Frank Principi to spin the report on the results of PWC’s crackdown on illegal aliens as a negative:

“The controversy did have an [impact], but you have to appreciate the collateral damage associated with the rhetoric that drove out other legal immigrants,” said Prince William Supervisor Frank J. Principi (D-Woodbridge). “Quite frankly, I think we have done ourselves some damage.”

Why is that, Frank? Does it have anything to do with the enormous number of illegal aliens arrested in the district that you represent?

Let’s not forget that Principi proposed repealing the Rule of Law resolution back in 2008.  That didn’t work out so well for him.


4 thoughts on “Frank Principi: “I think we have done ourselves some damage.”

  1. What “collateral damage” is he even talking about? That is a cop-out phrase he is using, because the positive results buck the position of the party, and he knows it.

  2. Ah, the same Frank Principi who believes that Woodbridge can be rejuvenated. As I’ve been critical of his mistaken beliefs that this will happen, I can’t believe this clown has such dreams that he’s going to be able to turn the issues of Rt. 1 in the Woodbridge area into a desirable area where people we be attracted to shop and feel safe at the same time.

    I’ve heard this same rhetoric 22+ years ago when I lived in southern Prince William county. What’s changed in that period of time? Nothing. It’s just gotten worse.

    And, to think this individual could be running for the seat of Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. Oh, Wow …

    1. T2T, the ironic thing is, Principi’s whole “North Woodbridge” concept is exactly where on the map all the illegal aliens in his district have been arrested. The same ones he doesn’t want to be arrested.

      I will disagree with you on whether Woodbridge can be rejuvenated. It can’t be using “logic” that Principi employees. It can be, though, by using the proven “Broken Windows” tactic put forward by the Manhattan Institute in the early ’90s that Rudy Giuliani adopted to clean up NYC. Woodbridge is no worse than Times Square was in ’93 and look at it today (well, don’t look at the backsliding that has happened under Mayor Bloomberg.)

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