Residents of the 11th Dist. Have the Right to Know

Greg L. at BVBL is seeking to hold Gerry Connolly’s feet to the fire and get him to reveal who he cast his vote for to serve as House Minority Leader — Nancy Pelosi or Heath Shuler.

Did Gerry Connolly vote for Nancy Pelosi to be House Minority Leader?  He still won’t tell his constituents!

See if you can get him to tell you by contacting him at his DC office at 202-225-1492, his Fairfax office at 703-256-3071 or his Prince William office at 703-670-4989.  If you don’t get an answer at one, you might want to try the others.

Virtucon supports BVBL’s efforts on this and urges Connolly’s constituents to call his office and ask who he voted for.  You have the right to know how your Congressman voted!


5 thoughts on “Residents of the 11th Dist. Have the Right to Know

  1. I’m sure most of us already know the answer. For it was most likely Nancy Pelosi whom Gerry Connolly cast his vote for. She scratched his back (had the Democratic committee channel $2+ million dollars into his campaign account), now it’s time for ‘ol Gerry to scratch Nancy’s back. (Now, that’s a picture that I don’t need to see, for I would be blinded for life).

  2. You know it was Nancy, just like Herrity was backed by Davis during his primary, denied denied (I’m conservative, etc.. etc..)….. They all lie!

  3. Colts fan….Still slinging pooh, huh?? Didn’t you people learn anything? If you throw out a full game of scorched earth, it’s may get you the nomination — but the high price is that the other team now will not go to bat for you because you belittled them for so long. And we all see how that turned out, didn’t we. Pat Herrity would been seated as the Representative to the 11th.
    Instead , we got Connolly. Save all the same old excuses I’ve heard for a decade about what happened.
    The process, driven by the unrealistic, chose the lesser of the two and —shocker—-he lost.

  4. Not to derail this thread entirely, but I’m quite sure we’ll see Pat Herrity back in the running for the 11th. In 2 years, Gerry will be able to pack his boxes up. Fortunately, it won’t mean a full Congressional pension for Gerry – because he would have only served 4 years and one has to serve 6 years to get the full pension.

    OK, back to the discussion at hand …

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