Ten Percent Of Dem Caucus Votes Against Pelosi For Speaker

During the roll call vote for Speaker of the House, 19 out of 193 Democrats voted “Present” or for someone other than Nancy Pelosi.  That is ten percent of the entire Democrat caucus that voted against their leader. (Dissenting voters are listed in parenthesis following the person they voted for.)

Those others receiving votes were:

Dennis Cardoza (CA) – 1 (Jim Costa of CA)

Jim Cooper (TN) – 1 (Ron Kind of WI)

Jim Costa (CA) – 1 (Dennis Cardoza of CA)

Steny Hoyer (MD) – 1 (Kurt Schrader of OR)

Marcy Kaptur (OH) – 1 (Daniel Lipinski of IL)

John Lewis (GA) – 2 (John Barrow of GA and Gabrielle Giffords of AZ)

Heath Shuler (NC) – 11 (Jason Altmire of PA, Dan Boren of OK, Jim Cooper of TN, Joe Donnelly of IN, Tim Holden of PA, Larry Kissell of NC, Mike McIntyre of NC, Jim Matheson of UT, Mike Michaud of ME, Mike Ross of AR and Heath Shuler of NC)

PRESENT – 1 (Sanford Bishop of GA)

NOT VOTING – 1 (Peter DeFazio of OR)

Get ready for the 2012 TV commercials like the following one…

House Clerk: “Connolly of Virginia…”

Gerry Connolly: “PELOSI!”

Of course, that might actually help him if the Virginia General Assembly tosses him into the same district as Jim Moran through redistricting.


3 thoughts on “Ten Percent Of Dem Caucus Votes Against Pelosi For Speaker

  1. I would’ve liked to have seen Shuler take Pelosi’s spot as House Minority Leader. It would have been interesting to see what direction he would’ve taken the Dems in.

  2. Most of the current Dems have no backbone and will do what ever Pelosi and Hoyer tell them to do. That is how they have systematically implemented over the last 4 years. I hope Democrat voters step up in 2 years and dump the leeches like the GOP has done the last 4 years.

  3. Unfortunately Shuler would probably lead from the right of 95% of the House Dems. The good news is it would probably truly show how out of touch the leftest Dems. are with the American people.

    However, Shuler, who should man up stop caving to left wing of his party and join the Republican caucus, is about as effective in the Dem. caucus as he was as Redskin’s QB. He had issues of distinguishing between the offense and defense back then. Hopefully he’ll be replaced by a more capable QB in the House soon.

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