The “Blame The Right-Wing” Crowd Is Already Cranking Up Their Rhetoric

Within hours of the horrific shootings in Arizona that left Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords fighting for her life and several others dead (including a 9-year old girl and a federal judge) or wounded, a meme began to coalesce from the left (NY Times’ Paul Krugman among them) that the incident could be blamed on heated right-wing partisan rhetoric in general and Sarah Palin in particular.  Never mind that the suspect is reportedly a paranoid schizophrenic “left-wing pothead.”  Never mind that two years before Palin put the Giffords race in her “crosshairs” that the Daily Kos founder himself put a “bulls eye” on that district because Giffords is a moderate Blue Dog Democrat.

Apparently, this is what has them so upset that they think they can lay this at the feet of Palin.

Seriously?  That?

While most people were simply praying for Congresswoman Giffords and the other victims, apparently these soulless individuals thought that time could be better spent figuring out how to use it for political advantage. (I guess they were adhering to the Rahm Emmanuel maxim to never let a good crisis go to waste.) That is utterly disgusting.  Anyone — left, right or anarchist — who would seek to use this to try and create some sort of political advantage should be shunned by civilized society.

UPDATE:  The WSJ will be running an op-ed tomorrow on the “Politics of Blood Libel” on this topic.  Very interesting.


23 thoughts on “The “Blame The Right-Wing” Crowd Is Already Cranking Up Their Rhetoric

    1. Amen. Keep praying for Congresswoman Giffords and the other survivors that they make a full recovery as well as for the family and friends of the fallen that they might find comfort and solace in the fact they are now with God.

  1. On MRN this morning they played two extensive clips; one of Megan Kelly from FNC questioning the Pima Cnty Sherriff. He went into this tirade about “His opinions” of why the guy did it. Case solved! It’s all because of right wing rhetoric (never mind that he is a Democrat in an elected position).

    They also played a clip from MSNBC where the commentator was flat out calling for violent revolution in this country; not inferring it, actually saying the words.

    The vitreal comes from the left; the facts are there for all to see.

  2. Every left wing idiot out there was ready to lay blame on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party without even knowing what the name of the actual shooter was. That spin machine was already developed before Jared Loughner fired the first round Saturday. Nevermind that further investigation revealed that he is a left-leaning schizo, who accounts amonst his favorite books the Communist Manifesto (the leftist Bible!)

    I had an argument yesterday about this spin…my democratic ‘friend’ made the excuse that liberals don’t use guns to make their points… response was “Maybe not, they tend to prefer bombs instead (Bill Ayers, anyone?)”

    Let’s get off this crap about what political ideaology is to blame for this shooting and look at the actual shooter instead. Morons.

  3. Every indication is that this guy was deranged and whatever political philosophy he had was some sort of scrambled, psychotic mess. Maybe EVERYONE should stop trying to score political points off this tragedy.

    1. I agree with your completely, Steve.

      I was watching an episode of Penn Penn with Penn Jillette, and he made a very similar point about something completely unrelated. We don’t blame The Beatles for Charles Manson, just as how we don’t blame Marilyn Manson for Columbine (anymore at least).

      We don’t know enough about psychology to say “THIS was the cause of this guy trying to kill people.”

    2. I agree with Steve, although what I see (again) is the left trying to score the points while the right is taking up the defense.

      What we need to be doing is figuring out a way to identify and help these people, or get them off the street before they hurt people. Problem is, who gets to say who’s crazy?

  4. Damn…i didnt want to engage in this rhetoric….BUT, i first heard of the tragedy around 430 pm on saturday on wmal and Austin Hill and someone else were licking their chops ready to blame the mexicans!!!!

  5. I knew the minute I heard this happened that the media would waste no time in blaming the Tea Party, the right-wing, and everyone else not a liberal or a socialist for this event…it did not take the media more than 3 hours after the shooting to start with this. 3 freaking hours before we start blaming the right wing? Are you kidding me!?

    Fact-based journalism is dead. If that wasn’t already evident, the media proved it with how they’ve treated the shooting of Rep. Giffords.

    I kept my mouth shut in responding to this here at VV on the same day because I have too much respect for another human life to get into political commentary and debate over something so tragic…but after listening to this BS all weekend, my silence on the matter cannot be held any longer.

    Ken…before we knew who the shooter was, there were some commentators on the news who stated that her support of tough illegal immigration legistlation “may made her a target”, which means that the media stoked that fire.

    1. “Fact-based journalism is dead.”

      NPR and Reuters both reported on Saturday that Giffords had been killed. There is such an effort to be first that the effort to be correct has waned.

  6. Phil…….that is exactly who tried to stoke that fire//the MEDIA as you point out…..the same media (WMAL in DC) that stokes the flame from 5 am – 11 pm every day…Rush..etal……

    1. Umm, so you’re saying that the right-wing media pursuaded a schizophrenic, communist wannabe into shooting Rep. Giffords?

      That’s one hell of a reach there, Ken.

  7. Riley: I think I began to see a difference in pushing to be fastest when papers started taking their websites seriously. When I started in newspapers, we took it for granted that TV was going to be first with all the breaking news, so we were more interested in being accurate and comprehensive, two things notably lacking then and now in local television news. That was really at the beginning of the “USA Today” (which I think of as a newspaper for people who’d rather be watching television) revolution. Since then, newspapers have spent millions on consultants who consistently tell management to dumb the product down, to make stories shorter, to run more bright human interest stuff, to de-empasize political news and foreign news. (If we totally listened to the consultants, we’d wrap the comics section around the rest of the paper.) What we’ve been doing for 20 years is trying to craft our product to people who don’t like to read. In the process, we’ve alienated people who liked newspapers. So it comes as little surprise that circulations have continued to drop.

    1. That’s a great insight, Steve. Living near DC, I have 3 choices for major newspapers (my local one aside) — the Wash Post, the Wash Times and the Wash Examiner. Of the three, I find the examiner to have the most information and actual news in it. The Post has always been 3/4 ads (most of them for Macy’s) and the Times has shrunk to the size of an anorexic model. I just wish I could get a home delivery subscription to the Examiner rather than have to take the chance that there will be a free copy waiting at the VRE station.

  8. Phil – I dont make reaches quite like that, although dont you think it is suspect when Sarch puts the crosshaires over Giffords district and then a nut case puts his crosshaires at Giffords? I listen to parts of all shows on WMAL every day and find their rhetoric is considerably higher than those of the left

  9. I love it – this kid posts rantings about going back to the gold standard (can anyone say Glenn Beck), talks about media mind control (can you say Limbaugh) and how Giffords didn’t respond to his objection from a previous encounter about the Healthcare act – but of course he’s a leftwing nutjob…because those are so left wing positions..

    Now Sarah can’t be responsible, it not like she targeted this woman not once but in three different ads with crosshairs, and of course her suggestion to her cult-like following to “not retreat, reload” – how could anybody draw the conclusion that she wanted this woman shot? It’s not like her words or actions suggested it…..right?

    This is typical of the right-wing reaction to anything that happens here – blame the liberals, make excuses, change the topic….

    The sad thing is that I am a conservative – though I am loathe to identify myself as such these days, precisely because these idiots make conservatism look like a moniker for the stupid, combative and self-serving drooling morons who watch Fox news all day.

    I can only hope that one day soon some real Republicans will step up and take back this badly maligned and misguided party – and though sound thinking, positive action and a sincere desire to serve this republic and it’s citizens – all it’s citizens.

    With leadership so corrupt and base, with bimbo cheerleaders, and blowhard hypocritical talk-show entertainers setting the tone for the party – it’s no wonder that the Republican party is reviled – it has earned it.

    1. I can see that you are a proud conservative, like me Brian. It’s terrible what guys like Beck and Limbaugh, not to mention Levin, Hannity, Palin, and all the rest get away with every day. With all those folks advocating violence on a regular basis, it’s no wonder.

      What should we do?

    1. Someone in the Army told me “Sarcasm is lost on your subordinates.” Never has that been more true than today.


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