Senate Vote To Repeal Obamacare Fails 47-51; VA Senator Skips The Vote

All 47 GOP senators voted today to completely repeal Obamacare.  That was all the votes the measure received, though.  The final vote was 47-51 with two not voting.  Guess who one of them was.

No, not Jim Webb.  He voted with the pack in support of Obamacare and sealed his political fate.

It was Virginia’s junior senator, Mark Warner, who skipped out on this vote.  (Apparently there isn’t any legitimate reason for him not voting as he was in D.C. on Wednesday.)

Way to go, Virginia.  We’ve got one senator who votes against the will of the citizens he represents and another senator who hears what the voters want, but skips out on the vote so as not to offend them by voting against repeal or his party leadership and the nutroots by voting for it.

We’ve got a couple real profiles in courage with these two representing us.


13 thoughts on “Senate Vote To Repeal Obamacare Fails 47-51; VA Senator Skips The Vote

  1. It looks like Webb is not running next year and doesn’t care what the people of Virginia want done in Washington. It would appear that our other representative is a coward who also will not stand up for the people he is supposed to represent. How did Virginia get stuck with these two losers?

  2. We have two Senators who have not voted the will of the people once. One of them has no interest in even talking to the people.

    The state is suing over Obamacare, (notice the people of VA are not up in arms about this), and still our two Senators do not vote in the interest of the state they represent.

    I hate (no I don’t) to go back to this, but this is exactly why we need to repeal the 17th Amendment, so the Senators answer to the people of the state, not party politics.


  3. I dont know where Warner was yesterday……..but Webb………………will of which Virginia people………….certainly not this Virginia people……………shows how courageous Webb is…….

  4. Hi SGT…….it isnt the “state” that is suing… is COOCH who is suing………also, Sen Warner DID have a previous engagement yesterday,,,,a big speech somewhere in DC….i am not an apologist for Warner missing the vote……….i understand from looking at the votes……that Warner’s vote was not essential……

  5. Hi SGT………the “state” isnt suing on health care; COOCH is suing!! Warner had another commitment yesterday according to his schedule and his vote wasnt needed to win…… it looks like he went to his other commitment!!!!!! And Riley……..non-responsive to the right wing is more like it!!!!

  6. Riley: I wanted to pass along some facts that might better inform what you’ve posted about my boss and last Wednesday’s vote on health reform repeal.

    1. Yes, my boss attended a 9am event Wednesday morning at the Center for American Progress in Washington to discuss his efforts to promote smarter, results-oriented government.

    2. Unfortunately, Senator Warner missed Wednesday’s 5pm vote on the repeal amendment because he was at a local hospital where his daughter was taken by ambulance after experiencing a serious medical emergency at school at midafternoon.

    3. The same hour that the Senate declined to adopt the repeal amendment, we posted a lengthy statement on Senator Warner’s homepage explaining his absence, and making it clear that he opposed the repeal amendment. This statement also was published in the Congressional Record.

    4. The Wall Street Journal article you cited has been corrected to make it clear their request for a comment, in fact, never reached us: “Editor’s note: Sen. Mark Warner (D., Va.) did not vote in Wednesday’s Senate vote to repeal the health-overhaul law because of a family medical emergency. A version of this story indicated his office did not respond to a request for comment on why he was not present for the vote. Because of a technical error, his office did not receive the request for comment.”

    I trust this additional information is helpful.

    Kevin Hall
    Communications Director
    U.S. Sen. Mark Warner

  7. Thanks Kevin Hall…..i iwish there was a better way to get the truth out all the time……..but like Churchill said, democracy is the worst form of govt but……………..

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