Not just a voting block

I wanted to take a few minutes to address something that I heard the other day from a liberal friend of mine. He told me “Republicans only care about black people during election years.” He couldn’t be more wrong, especially here at the local level. I reminded him that Supervisors John Cook and Pat Herrity have been two constant supporters of the African-American Coalition at FCRC established by Anthony Bedell last year from day one.

It is true that last year one campaign in particular said to me in an almost offensive manner, “we need a list of black churches, there are a lot of votes there.” But I have found that kind of attitude is an exception, not the rule. In contrast, both Cook and Herrity have asked me how they help me make our tent bigger. They recognize that it’s not about their respective districts, it’s about our party as a whole. It’s about reaching out and spreading conservatism to those who have not been exposed to it before.

Given their steadfast support of me and my outreach efforts, I will be working hard to ensure that Herrity and Cook get reelected this year and will encourage my fellow black conservatives to do the same. We need more Republicans in office who support the expansion of our party, and are willing to treat African-Americans not merely as a voting block but as participants in the conservative movement.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has approached me to ask how he can help our coalition expand and I am looking forward working together with him soon on some ideas.

This election cycle, I will be working hard for those candidates that are willing to look at the big picture and recognize that expanding our party is a necessity. These candidates are doing the right thing – they’re not just looking at black voters as just black voters. And that makes all the difference.


3 thoughts on “Not just a voting block

  1. Damned right. That same friend has begun a campaign against me for some reason. I follow your outlook almost to the letter, and am especially glad that you are leading the effort. I will assist in ANY way that I can. Thank you for all you do on this front!!

  2. Yes, thank you! Republicans simply don’t focus on race the way the democrats do. We tend to see PEOPLE, not race.
    Everything that the democrats have done to ”help” Black Americans has had exactly the opposite effect. They have destroyed the Black family, the Black community, and their schools. How can any group be successful after that kind of destruction? Democrats should be ashamed of themselves!

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