Say what, Mike?

Clearly tired of the “rubber chicken circuit,” Mike Huckabee goes for his usual culinary change-of-pace – his own foot (Politico):

Mike Huckabee seemed to suggest that Barack Obama grew up in Kenya . . . “One thing that I do know is his having grown up in Kenya, his view of the Brits, for example, very different than the average American,” Huckabee said in response. “If you think about it, his perspective as growing up in Kenya with a Kenyan father and grandfather, their view of the Mau Mau Revolution in Kenya is very different than ours because he probably grew up hearing that the British were a bunch of imperialists who persecuted his grandfather,” Huckabee added.

Obama grew up where?

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10 thoughts on “Say what, Mike?

  1. To think, Huckabee recently criticized Chris Matthews for going off his meds. OK, Chris Matthews probably IS off his meds, but Huckabee shouldn’t make these kinds of Obama remarks afterwards.

  2. Geez, even the birthers — and God knows those people are whack — don’t think Obama GREW UP in Kenya.

  3. Why is it whacked to ask for a birth certificate that matches the circa of the one Obama is supposed to have if indeed he was born in Hawaii, Steve??

    Every President in the last 40 years has released all of their documents (up to their passports) and as they’ve done so, why is it so hard for the White House to release the “real” deal (long form) along with his school transcripts??

    1. I think they want to keep the drama going in order to try and make their opponents look crazy by feeding the conspiracy theory by withholding information. Plus there is probably something else on the form that they don’t want out there such as parents’ marital status or maybe even that Barack Sr. isn’t Jr.’s biological father, but Frank Marshall Davis is — who knows? They should stop playing games and just end this once and for all by releasing the long-form that skeptics have asked to be released.

  4. Don’t get me started on Sheen. He now wants to pump up his pay on the back of so much misbehavior and travesty. Generally in the real world, that equates to a demotion, if you get to keep your job at all.

  5. Riley, I concur. I’ve never been much on the conspiracy theory, but a release of the document(s) would definitely put it to rest, if there was nothing remarkable about the documents. Holding them back from public viewing intimates a number of things.

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