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BREAKING: PWC School Board Names New Middle School For Ronald Reagan

In an effort to find middle ground in the minor skirmish that has erupted over the possibility of the PWC School Board bypassing the naming committee’s suggestion of Piney Branch Elementary School for the new school opening on the Linton Hall Road, a compromise has reportedly been reached.  At tonight’s School Board meeting, the board will make a motion to name the new elementary school Piney Branch as was suggested by the naming committee and simultaneously move to name the new middle school Ronald Reagan Middle School, bypassing the creation of a naming committee altogether.

More to come…

UPDATE: From PWC Public Schools

Tonight, the School Board approved the name of Piney Branch Elementary School for the new school under construction on Linton Hall Road (which will open this fall) and in the same vote approved Ronald Wilson Reagan Middle School as the name for the school under construction at Silver Lake (which will open in the fall of 2012).

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8 Responses to “BREAKING: PWC School Board Names New Middle School For Ronald Reagan”

  1. Phil Chroniger

    Eh, someone will complain about this, too…mainly the same people who sat silent or cheered happily when schools were being named/renamed for Barack Obama before he was even inaugurated.

  2. Kevin

    That’s a bummer. I live about a mile from the new elementary school. I was really hoping they would name it after President Reagan. At least they didn’t name it after a living politician.

  3. Ken Reynolds

    he was even a leftist earlier in his life…….oh, i havnt heard of an yschools named after the President except a few on long island before he was inaugurated…

  4. Steve Vaughan

    This is fine. Why would anybody have a problem with a school being named after any U.S. president? ….well, maybe not Nixon.

  5. Loudoun Lady

    There is a Richard Nixon Elementary School in Yorba Linda CA – where his presidential library is housed. We visited the library in 1995 – on our honeymoon no less! There is a story there.

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