The 11th Dist. “Gerry”mander

Flip the proposed plan for the redistricted 11th Cong. Dist. on its side and you’ve got a real honest to goodness “Gerry”mander.

Well, it could also sort of look like a college student after a party, but the green tinge adds to the salamander comparison (although I suppose the college student could have a green tinge at that point as well.)

This would be completely laughable if my precinct wasn’t drawn into this carcass.

Here is what the original Gerry-mander district (named for MA Gov. Elbridge Gerry) looked like in 1812.


12 thoughts on “The 11th Dist. “Gerry”mander

  1. Can’t view the map now.

    None of these maps mean squat because the people who make redistricting happen (the General Assembly) haven’t released anything.

    Their priority will be the General Assembly districts. Congressional can wait.

    Gerry needs to be careful. He lives in an “over” district really close to Jim Moran’s district which is under.

  2. Technical point, most of those voters who have “unpleasant” memories of his time as County Chairman have moved, in part due to his time as County Chairman.

  3. Boss Connelly doesn’t care who remembers what, last Fall he claimed he is a “fiscal conservative” with a straight face.

  4. Credo-Actually, the General Assembly generally defers to what the the incumbent Congress critters work out among themselves. That’s what they did in 2001, didn’t really change a comma of the plan they submitted.

  5. SV,
    Ask George Allen about GA “deference.”

    I’m not getting too excited about this. Who knows why this was leaked?

  6. Riley, this moves me from the 8th to the 11th, a huge step up. Accept your fate for the sake of us wishing to be relieved of Moran. I look forward to working with you to defeat the Gerrymander in 2012.

  7. The 1991 redistricting that ousted George Allen from Congress was back when the Democrats controlled it all. in 2001, there was mixed control, like now. I think the General Assembly will do what the congressional delegation has blessed.

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