Ron Speakman for Loudoun County Sheriff – Commercial

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s race has just entered the commercial phase, the first one being from candidate Ron Speakman:


14 thoughts on “Ron Speakman for Loudoun County Sheriff – Commercial

  1. Ron sure is spending money on name recognition. A bit early by my standards, He hasn’t won the selection for Nominee, yet.
    But if he does, his name recognition will certainly be in place.

  2. Joe, by now you’ve seen the newspaper spots. That’s appealing to a whole realm of voters that may never get the chance. Speakman’s name recognition next to an endorsement for one of the other candidates would have increased weight.

  3. That is a fair point Monk. While I think highly of some of the national figures that have endorsed Chapman, I’m not sure how that translates to votes for Sheriff of Loudoun County in a Primary.

    Don’t get me wrong, I would not turn down support from Ollie North and Asa Hutchinson and it is impressive to have such men behind you as a candidate – but this is a local office race.

    For those that want to qualify that opinion as some type of bashing of a candidate – it is not. It is an honest observation. I guess the counter to my opinion is “I’d rather have their support than not” and I agree with this too!

  4. Why do I get two of each piece of literature from Ron Speakman? I know another LCRC member who gets two also. Seems like a big waste of money to send duplicates.

  5. No, I have not seen any newspaper ads – perhaps because there are no longer any local newspapers available in our part of the county. (Suppose I could pick up the Loudoun Times at Safeway but I always pass the stand on the way out and I am not going to turn around and get back in line). We stopped getting the Indie last year some time. If a candidate wants to reach Sterling south of Rt 7 they are going to have to do direct mail or lit drops.

  6. We have been getting the LTM for the past 2-3 months – unexpectedly. I am going to start leafing thru it, looking for LTEs and campaign information. I am so used to reading everything on-line and most paper that comes to our house goes right to recycle (YES, conservatives recycle).

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