Worst Example of Gerrymandering: Danville and the Tri-State Area

A few days have passed since the House and Senate redistricting maps were released.  Much has been made of the incredibly convoluted districts drawn by Senate Democrats, supposedly so they can hang on to power (although it looks more like they’re drawing their own downfall instead.)  After fully absorbing what these maps do and running some quick spreadsheet analysis of the various districts, one region stood out as being the worst of the worst gerrymanders — Danville and the entire Tri-State area.  Even worse, something criminal may be afoot according to Danville City Councilmen Flynn and Fletcher who allege impropriety by outside contractor DEI, which was hired by the Senate Democratic Caucus.

Danville Mayor Roger Doofenshmirtz has laid blame for this upon the software that DEI employed to conduct the entire process, unimaginatively called “The Redistrictinator.” Doofenshmirtz is rumored to be high on the list of recruits for Senate Republicans.  However, the Senate Democrat plan generated by DEI aims to have him as well as every other Republican in the entire tri-state area packed into a single district located in the basement bedroom of one home.  (It is widely believed that Sen. Dave Marsden hatched that portion of the scheme.)


10 thoughts on “Worst Example of Gerrymandering: Danville and the Tri-State Area

  1. Gotta love the name Doofenshmirtz.

    How do you put that in a cheer?

    He has a crazy name
    but he always wears clean shirts!

  2. Hey, where’s Perry?

    When you said the Tri-state area I thought you meant Tommy Norment’s 3rd District which now border North Carolina and Maryland.

  3. Why on earth do we need a Tri State area? Just make it all one state. Let them draw straws and then, whoosh, the whole area goes into one state. A simple solution.

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