York to come home to the LCRC??

Joe, over at NovaTownHall, has uncovered the secret that Scott York is being courted to rejoin the Republican Party of Loudoun.
As he mentioned, it’s not such a secret anymore. I was holding back until I got confirmation that Scott had accepted negotiations and all systems were “go”.

At this writing, I still have not gotten word that it is a “go”.

The ramifications of this deal are huge. I was sitting in a living room with Scott and others before the last elections. It was around 3:00 AM, if I remember correctly.
That year, Scott won handily…with some help from a lot of folks, and some bad news for the Republicans that year with the name of “Fireball” Firretti.

Scott is still the most liked and reasoned member of the current Board of Supervisors. With York on the Republican’s team, the chances that most voters will continue on the republican sample ballot , and vote straight ticket Republican is severely enhanced.

I’ve known Scott for around 6 years now, and I can attest to the man’s conservative credentials. He did leave the party back in the 2003 nomination contest, after Dale Polen Myers staged a convention as the process for deciding the candidate. Myers , and her element in the party, owned those conventions…..and still do. It’s a closed process that allows only the party faithful to cast votes as delegates.

Seeing this, Scott York left the Party – BEFORE he signed any pledges. His departure was clean. Later, a couple of other republican candidates for offices also left the Party…but did so after they’d lost the convention and signed the pledge to support the winning republican candidate.

I’m ecstatic the minute that Scott considers the LCRC his home again, and I encourage every republican who wants to take back control of the BOS to welcome him home. In fights like the current election, you’re going to need to utilize his wisdom and star power to get our people in.


9 thoughts on “York to come home to the LCRC??

  1. I would be thrilled to have Scott back in our party but I find myself questioning the timing of this ”leak”. I hope that Joe hasn’t blown our chances, and Scott’s.

  2. Joe has said that many, many people were in the loop. I guess it wasn’t that big of a secret, anymore.
    I was planning a post after Scott had said yes. Those who he is talking to had given me an 80% complete mark last Friday. We’ll see.

  3. For the record, when I first heard of this it was in the course of conversations with 2 different groups of people; I was not sworn to secrecy and there was no mention of any discussions taking place with Scott; I just decided to keep it under my hat until some public mention was made. Then last week it was brought to my attention by a completely different person, and then I heard mention by 2 more in recent days. By my calculation that means at least a couple dozen had to be aware because I am by NO MEANS inside any exclusive circles. This is public information as far as I am concerned. (And I have still never heard there are any actual “negotiations” happening).

  4. Scott York is welcome back to the party anytime as far as I am concerned.

    I had to be reminded about why he ran as an Independent. and considering the acrimony within the party back then – I’m sure it was the sane thing to do. Let this be a reminder to the membership when we are voting on the nomination process for our 2011 slate of candidates.

  5. Joe, when that many folks are involved, I have no bone with your story. It was out there already.
    I’m in touch with the group that started the outreach to York, and I haven’t heard from them on the progress.
    Maybe what you heard – was a leak to gain some insight to the obstruction level that exists out there.

    I think that fair-minded individuals are again in control of the LCRC as a whole. Nuts that drove the last “purity test” have fallen by the wayside.

    Dimitri Kesari is busy with his Hamilton Town Council duties, John Grigsby has small to none influence these days, brought about by exploits in those days gone by, and of course, Dale Polen Myers made her last attendance at an open meeting back in 2009, IIRC.
    The few who still attend and work the committee don’t have the power, and they’d be better served to go along with the bump that York will bring at the polls.

  6. Good point about gauging the “obstruction level.” So far the only protests have been from non-Republicans who think Scott might be too good for the LCRC. It would be nice if the overall response from committee members turned out to be “yes, of course this should happen.”

  7. Yes, that’s the response that we’re all hoping for. Let’s hope that the leaders feel that way too and will lead us in that direction.

    I’m not big on outting people (so to speak) before they’re ready to be outted. I think candidates should be the first to make their public announcements, at a time when they think is best for them, and the party, but that’s just my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

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