Where DOES Ron Speakman live?

The question of Ron Speakman’s residency has been around since he announced that he was running for Sheriff of Loudoun county.

I’ve done a bit of searching for the elusive answer to that question after I receiving this invitation to Ron’s latest event. On he invitation he invites us to his home,
in Leesburg, 14664 James Monroe Hwy Leesburg, VA 20176. Looking at that address I found the house had recently been on the market, here. Plugging that address in the Loudoun tax records, I found that Ron and his wife bought the home on March 28, 2011. Strangely, their address on the Loudoun property is not this house but 10341 Democracy Lane, Fairfax, VA. That address is a commercial property that Ron’s wife is selling. They are using that address as their mailing address. Why not use the house, if they are living in it?

Having heard rumors that Ron has lived in Potomac, Maryland for years, I checked and found a house that Ron and his wife bought there in 1997. The address is 7400 Masters Drive
and according to the property records it is their primary residence. Ron listed that as his address when making campaign contributions in 1999 and 2000. That doesn’t quite match up to Ron’s claims that he has lived in Loudoun County for 26 years.

The law says that candidates for sheriff must live in the county for one year prior to the election. How does Ron get around that pesky detail if he’s lived in Maryland for the last 14 years, and only bought the house in Leesburg on March 28th?

I found two other addresses in Loudoun for Ron. One is
25 First Street, Leesburg. It’s an office building that the Speakmans purchased in 2005. It is not a residence so clearly he doesn’t live there. The second address is a residence, 214 Mason Lane SE, Leesburg, VA. The owner of that house, Scott Warner, a friend of Ron’s, added Ron as an owner October 5, 2010, using a quit claim with no money exchanged. That might be the address that Ron used when he filed to run for sheriff, thinking that he could claim that he lived there and cover that pesky law that requires him to live in Loudoun.

My question, do we want a Sheriff, the chief law enforcement officer of the county, finding ways to skirt the law? When is ‘technically legal” illegal? Do we want someone who lies when he claims that he’s lived in this county for the last 26 years? If Ron and his wife are moving into the newly purchased home on James Monroe highway (Rt 15 in Lucketts/Leesburg), where are they moving FROM? The little house with his buddy in Leesburg? The house in Potomac? The latter seems unlikely since that house has not been sold nor is it listed for sale.

My take on all of this? Ron lived in Loudoun, in the 1990’s, and perhaps even before the 1990’s. He moved to Potomac Maryland in 1997. Last year he decided to run for sheriff and used his friend’s house as an address to file. He still lives in Potomac with his family. If he should win the race for sheriff, he will move into the newly purchased house on Rt 15 in Lucketts, or perhaps elsewhere in Loudoun. I get that. I get that he didn’t want to distrup his family when the job was far from guaranteed. But the law is the law. The job of the top law enforcement officer has certain requirements. One of those requirements is that he must live in Loudoun county for at least a year prior to the election. Only a year! Not exactly a long time. I wish he’d told the truth from the beginning. I don’t like it when republicans lie to me. It doesn’t sit well with me. Do not tell me that you’ve lived here for 26 years when you’ve lived in another state since 1997. Just tell the truth. Voters might understand that you don’t want to uproot your family before you get the job. Or they might think that you are not qualified for the job because you don’t meet the residency requirement and it is the law.

Is it ok for a candidate for sheriff to lie to voters, and not follow the law? Is it important that a candidate for sheriff live in the state in the 14 years prior to running? How much has Loudoun changed during the past 14 years while Mr. Speakmen has lived in another state? I report, you decide.


17 thoughts on “Where DOES Ron Speakman live?

  1. This is a lot of information to digest, I guess my question is does the Mason Lane address meet the one year requirement? Is the law that a candidate physically live here, pay taxes – or both?

    I know the First Street, Leesburg address is a business address.

  2. It’s about time you put this all out there! I heard Speakman was looking for property near Lucketts (hey, it’s close to the ferry to get to Potomac) a couple months ago. I noticed the all too obvious “at his farm in Lucketts” statement on the last invite as well. What a joke this guy is, and this doesn’t even get into the reasons he isn’t a cop anymore.

    1. I’ve met with and spoken to Speakman a number of times, I don’t consider him a “joke”. He also has some really great people working on his campaign, and it’s my hope this discussion doesn’t go in the toilet.

      LvL’s piece is about residency and she has presented some information that is relevant to the campaign.

  3. “If anyone has the details, please give them to me” (because I lack the ability to find them myself) — Loudoun Insider

    Read away, son. VV has now done the work you’re supposedly so good at….again.

  4. Of course I could find it myself, but there are only so many hours in a day. Speakman has a residency issue, I’ve said that all along. It’s about time someone else got involved. I do this in my spare time. No one person can do it all.

    1. So, other people do this for a living? Not following you.

      You have plenty of time for all kinds of posts, and used to continually harangue people to post certain stories – but really, this was not your idea or story.

  5. LL, the law says that the candidate must be a resident for one year. I would assume that it means he must reside in the county for a year. A name on a deed would not fulfill that requirement. But like Dave Marsden, anyone can claim that they are sleeping in their buddy’s basement on a rollaway. It’s up to the voters to decide if that’s ok, or not.

  6. Old news. Still continues to be a valid question.

    Too bad we don’t have public databases to research Verne Davidson’s explanation on how the two headed Sheriff thing is going to work. Those questions still loom and go unanswered.

    1. Why are you posting here BO, to further your stupid narrative on another candidate? I know another poster that likes to use the two-headed term, interesting how similar you two are.

      How can this be old news when no one has posted anything on it and LI admitted he didn’t have the time (or maybe the skills) necessary to accumulate it all? You are transparent.

    2. Surely you don’t think the sheriff of Loudoun county works by himself? Without input and advice from other people? Someone who is managing 445 other people just might need some help and advice. No? Mark Davis brings additional local law enforcement expertise to Verne’s campaign. Surely you think that’s a good idea, don’t you?

  7. Speakman apparently isn’t working for the company he brags about building up to 300 employees, becasue it apparently went belly up. Loudoun needs a Sheriff who actually has been living here. Speakman doesn’t fit the bill.

  8. The one year residency requirement comes from Va. Code § 24.2-500 which states in part that “the candidate must have been a resident of the Commonwealth for one year next preceding his election…”

    The best definition of “resident” can be found under Va. Code § 24.2-101, the definitions section for Title 24.2 of the Va. Code, which states “‘Residence’ or ‘resident,’ for all purposes of qualification to register and vote, means and requires both domicile and a place of abode. To establish domicile, a person must live in a particular locality with the intention to remain. A place of abode is the physical place where a person dwells.”

    In the end voters do not seem to care (maybe in a primary), and candidates and parties do not have the desire, or funds, to sue.

    I know next to nothing about Speakman, and vote in Fairfax County. I have no opinion on his candidacy.

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