Jeff Frederick: “An announcement of sorts.”

Three quick things:

First, I have (finally) launched a new personal website, and yes, the day has finally come where I now have a blog (or what’d I’d prefer to call an online journal). On it, I recently reposted an interview I did back in December that may be of interest to you.

Check it out at Let me know what you think.

Second, I have a bit of an announcement. Sort of.

To perhaps reduce some of the phone calls I’m getting from a number of folks, I wanted to let you know that I am actively considering running for the state Senate. Specifically, in the 36th district (current incumbent: Toddy Puller).

You know me as someone “who does what he says” and “says what he means”, so when I say we’re considering running, I mean it. Nothing more and nothing less; this is not some coy politician way of saying I’m running but I don’t want it public yet. The honest truth is that I’m on the fence (which is unusual for me). The fact is, as you might imagine, there are both pros and cons of such an undertaking of attempting to unseat an incumbent in a marginal (or just flat out tough gerrymandered) district; doing so in such a short timeframe; and reentering public life with three children under the age of 5.

But, for me it’s always been about serving and if God is lighting the path for me to contribute in this way, we’ll charge full speed ahead at the opportunity — and the challenge.

And that leads me to the third thing — my political action committee, Virginia’s Future PAC.

As our family continues to ponder, discuss, and pray about running for office this year, I was hoping that you’d feel lead to make a contribution to my PAC. If I do run, the funds raised will be a good start to getting the campaign underway. If I don’t run, the money will be used to help great candidates for the General Assembly who eschew the status quo and are committed to changing politics as usual in Virginia.

Visit to learn more.

Once again, we are so grateful to count you among so many friends out there who have helped, supported, and prayed for us over the years. We’ll be in touch again soon.

Until then, have a fantastic spring and pardon my use of the term “quick things” (even if I started this email with the intention of a brief update).

Best wishes —


UPDATE: You can join the Draft Jeff Frederick for State Senate group on Facebook here.


12 thoughts on “Jeff Frederick: “An announcement of sorts.”

    1. Maybe statewide in the GOP, but he’s still very popular in and around his former district because he had excellent constituent services.

  1. Toddy Puller can end a distinguished career of public service by putting Jeff Frederick out of his misery. Now if only someone would appear to do the same for NOVA’s other mad dog, Dick Black. (Actually, Black may be emotionally unable to take NO! or even HELL, NO! for an answer, based on how little his past defeats have deterred him.)

    1. Toddy’s problem is that she doesn’t even realize that she represents Prince William County let alone that her district is now a majority PWC district plus a few precincts in Stafford County as well. She physically can’t go door to door to introduce herself while Jeff is a tenacious campaigner who has gotten people who are otherwise politically uninvolved to become some of his biggest boosters. I can count on one hand the number of times that I’ve seen Puller in PWC over the past decade (and that was because I invited her to speak at our HOA annual meeting.)

  2. Frederick’s tenure at RPV aside, he was an able and reliably conservative legislator. I’m all for him bringing to the Senate what he brought to the House of Delegates, especially if it means knocking off an incumbent Dem.

    And if there’s anyone who can do that in that district, it’s Frederick. His campaign skills and work ethic put others’ to shame.

    1. I’m not sure. There are rumors to that effect and I understand that he may have just moved (he was in the 29th Dist. after redistricting.)

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