The Juggernaut Is Released…

Jeanine Lawson held her campaign kick-off for Prince William County’s Brentsville Dist. supervisor post this past Friday night and by all accounts it was a tremendous success.  Greg L. at BVBL reports that Lawson had more than 200 people in attendance at her event without the benefit of a headliner other than the candidate herself.  That is real testimony to the power of her campaign and bodes well for her primary challenge against the incumbent.

Lawson is the Virtucon-endorsed candidate in this race and we encourage everyone to support her any way that they can.


9 thoughts on “The Juggernaut Is Released…

  1. I don’t know this area well, but a primary for a Supervisor seat is always interesting. Have they decided their format for primary yet?

    1. I believe it is set as a standard primary. Legitimate primary challenges in PWC are rare, but when they occur they are usually successful, especially on the GOP side. 2011 is shaping up to be another 2003 when Jeff Frederick defeated Del. Jeff Rollison in a primary and Marty Nohe defeated Supervisor Mary Hill.

    1. One word sums up my beef with Wally – Avendale. Avendale was about par for the course with Wally. He never saw a development he didn’t oppose and doesn’t seem to give a hoot whether those developments result in such severely over-crowded schools that recess is rationed and we have to rent trailers filled with port-a-potties.

  2. The LCRC is voting in their primary format for county elections tonight, the recommendation most likely being a convention. Wrangling people to participate in an all day event to chose only one contested race (Sheriff) sounds like a piss poor plan, but it is likely to pass.

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