New Rasmussen Poll: Romney 33%, Bachmann 19%, Cain 10%

The first post GOP NH Debate poll has been released and Rasmussen has it.

Mitt Romney – 33%
Michele Bachmann – 19%
Herman Cain – 10%
Newt Gingrich – 9%
Ron Paul – 7%
Tim Pawlenty – 6%
Rick Santorum – 6%
Jon Huntsman – 2%
Other – 8% (This would apparently include the likes of Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, Gary Johnson, Rudy Giuliani and Buddy Roemer)

Romney and Bachmann are tied among Tea Party primary voters with 26% each while Romney leads her among non-Tea Party voters 36% to 16%.

Looking at the field of candidates, it would seem that supporters of Cain, Paul, and Santorum — 23% in this poll — would be among the last to join the Romney camp and probably go to Bachmann first if she emerged as the final alternative to Romney (although Paul supporters are nothing if not loyal to their candidate.)  Gingrich, Pawlenty and Huntsman backers — 17 percent here — would seem the most likely to jump ship to Romney.


6 thoughts on “New Rasmussen Poll: Romney 33%, Bachmann 19%, Cain 10%

  1. I’m sort of surprised. It looks like, despite earlier confusion, that Republicans are well on their way to picking the guy whose “turn” it is — their traditional means of selecting a presidential nominees. The only two candidates with a claim to it being their turn in 2012 would be Romney and Palin. I thought “Romneycare” was sure to derail Romney.

  2. GW- I’m thinking the pro-gay, pro-choice guy is going to have trouble getting the GOP nomination no matter how many times he says “9/11.” Also he said something nice about Obama when bin Laden was killed, so that probably disqualifies him right there.

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