Republican Primaries in Loudoun

Loudoun has one republican state senate race with a primary on August 23rd. It is district 13 which is largely Loudoun county 74%, with Prince William county being the other 26%. The district voted for McDonnell by 65% and Cuccinelli by 62%.  It should be an easy win for whichever republican wins the primary. Three republicans are running.

Money raised this year:
Dick Black $51,774
John Stirrup $75,709
Bob FitzSimmonds $41,046

Money on hand, as of June 30th,
Dick Black $60,525
John Stirrup $81,726
Bob FitzSimmonds $28,279

In Loudoun Republicans have two contested delegate races. One is in the 10th district which McDonnell carried by 62% and Cuccinelli won by 60%.

Money raised during 2011:
Randy Minchew $123,744 (includes $10,000 self loan)
Cara Townsend $23,980 (includes $18,000 self loan)
John Whitbeck $53,640

Money on hand June 30th:
Randy Minchew $111,362
Cara Townsend $18,612
John Whitbeck $31,267

The other Loudoun race is in the 87th district which McDonnell carried by 59% and Cuccinelli by 57%.

Money raised during 2011:
David Ramadan $120,793
Jo Ann Chase $19,820 (includes $10,000 self loan)

Money on hand as of June 30th:
David Ramadan $60,211
Jo Ann Chase $15,231


Least we forget, Loudoun county also has a Republican convention this Saturday, June 23rd, where we will choose a candidate for sheriff and a candidate for Chairman of the board. There are no other contested, local, races in Loudoun. Over 1,500 delegates are eligible to vote. Someone needs to verify that the air conditioning has been turned on the day prior. It is predicted to be 100 degrees on Saturday. We do not want a repeat of the last LCRC meeting where there was no air conditioning. Our candidates will lose hundreds of delegates if that happens again.


6 thoughts on “Republican Primaries in Loudoun

  1. I think its only fair that Ramadan be listed as contributing to himself through his companies.

    RAMA International to the tune of $25k
    AND, the 50K from businesses he owns or has major stockholdings in (i.e. Curves, International).

  2. “If there is no AC there will be a riot.”

    Oh come on, now. There are people who pay good money to spend time in a sauna, and we Loudoun Republicans will get one for free!!!

    Come to the LCRC Convention and Spa!! Patriotism and weight loss all at the same time!

    1. Can you imagine if there is no AC? I am laughing at your post……too many jokes to be made here!

  3. Goods point Constitutionalist. Along those same lines, it should be noted that in the 10th Whitbeck outraised Minchew. Look at Minchews report. Westview associates, landmark of columbia, Columbia three associates, Richmond associates, etc. Now click to his financial disclosure. These are all companies Randy Minchew owns, not rocket science folks, its all right there, about $80,000 self-funded.

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