Paul Ebert Gives The Press The Silent Treatment

It appears that we have an answer as to where Prince William County Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul Ebert’s loyalties lie.  At least three reporters from separate news media outlets have inquired with his office as to whether there is a criminal investigation of the Democrat PWC Chairman candidate Babur Lateef and all the messages so far have gone unanswered.  Ebert had no problem whatsoever in rushing before the media to tout the initiating of past investigations of Republicans Corey StewartRich Anderson and Steve Chapman during election years, so what gives here?  He isn’t even sending out some flack to confirm, deny or say that they can’t comment on ongoing investigations.  (Of course that last option would directly contradict the above mentioned past actions of Ebert and his office rendering such a comment a total joke.)

All we have to say is that Ham Sandwich would never engage in such partisan hackery of the justice system the way that Paul Ebert does.


3 thoughts on “Paul Ebert Gives The Press The Silent Treatment

  1. Kari here from Ebert answered the phone for us yesterday but would not comment, saying he doesn’t talk about whether his office is investigating someone or not. I’m very surprised ran with this story with local “politicos” as the source.

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