Edd Houck – “Help Me, Mark Warner! You’re My Only Hope!”

You know things are bad for Democrats in general and state Sen. Edd Houck (D-Spotsy) in particular. Just how desperate is Houck? Well, he is currently out in the field with a poll testing ways that he can tie himself to Sen. Marky Mark who remains popular in spite (or perhaps because) of having a record of zero accomplishments in the Senate. Of course, his main accomplishments as Governor were pushing through an unnecessary $1.4 billion tax hike (Virginia was on course to run a $600 million surplus) and then “misplacing” $137 million intended for education.  If Houck wants to wrap himself in the mantle of that type of Enron accounting, he’s welcome to it.  Apparently, Houck cannot stand alone on his years of service in the Senate and is now looking for something, anything to save his flailing reelection bid.

Help me, Marky Mark!  You’re my only hope!  Love, Edd

If you want a state senator who actually shares the values of Gov. Bob McDonnell, then it is time to dump Houck and elect Bryce Reeves!

UPDATE: Right on cue, a Houck mailer hits…

Would that be the $137 million in funds for education that the Warner administration MISPLACED?  I think so.

And please, someone, anyone, tell Senator Houck that his name is spelled “Ed” and not “Edd.”


8 thoughts on “Edd Houck – “Help Me, Mark Warner! You’re My Only Hope!”

  1. Warner’s tax ‘increase’ was put in place to put tthe state back on a sound fiscal footing after Gilmore fubared it with his ‘no car tax’ reform. How much is Houck in danger of losing his seat because of the fine gerrymandering the republicans did this year? I especially love Toddy’s seat that goes from Mt. Vernon to Stafford. Incidentally, I listened to Toddy last weekend and she was very sharp….as she was 3 weeks ago. Also, Mark mentioned his success in starting up a Senate “Gang of Six” – the first Senate gang to attempt to straighten out the mess that Boehner and Cantor made and continue to make. Andd dont try to smear Warner for the good he has done when Cantor, who is a huge disgrace and embarassment to Virginia for his part in messing things up. I feel very embarassed when he strarts talking like Koch’s lackey in the House……all bought and paid for!!!

    1. Warner’s tax increase was put in place because he claimed we were heading for a $1.4 billion shortfall. We weren’t and evidence points to the fact that his administration KNEW that before the final vote on it.

  2. So you really think we had an extra billion in the bank when ‘no car tax’ went thru??? And yes, he was part of the move to set up Gangs in hope of settling things. But when there is a hard and fast opposition, all bought and paid for, what else can the Rep do but be lackey’s for their billionaire masters……and their Master Grover!!! and not the Sesame St. Grover……

    1. Ken, go back and look at the state financial records. Warner was claiming we were facing a $1.4 billion deficit which necessitated the tax hike. The actual revenue report came out shortly thereafter and we had a $600 million SURPLUS not counting the projected revenue from the tax hike that was just passed.

  3. I will check that out, but not tonight. What i dont understand all all of the hundreds of millions of dollars that make up a surplus and spent frivelously or disappears…….these are chronic republicaa allegations……..i will ck the actual numbers out tomorrow! The worst cover-up i have read in recent times is MCDonnell’s statement made to the WP about 1 yr ago that Virginia would be spending $729 million of the stimulus dollars to fix small roads and bridges throughout the state, but the source of the funds would not be put up on signs at the projects……

  4. Give me a break DJ…..Democrats spend it by the millions??? billions? right…..and what? and just what party controls House Appropriations? What party controls the House……?who spends it?

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