Want To Know Who Is Behind The Herman Cain Smear?

The Politico’s hit-piece on Herman Cain, which was one of the most poorly written and sourced pieces of journalism this side of a non-plagiarized New York Times article (the reporter stumbled and bumbled on several questions during his TV interview this weekend showing he did not even have answers to many basic questions), appears to have fallen flat on its face.  The lack of specificity in the article and the reporter’s cursory knowledge appears to indicate that the information did not come directly from either of the alleged sexual harassment victims.  So, where did it come from?

Barring the reporter disclosing his source or that source coming forward, there is no way to know absolutely for certain where it came from.  However, a little digging could produce a list of likely suspects.

All one would have to do is obtain a list of the members of the National Restaurant Association’s Board of Directors from the time of the settlement(s) in the late 1990s and then cross-reference those individuals with campaign contributors and leadership from rival campaigns — most likely the source is connected with Obama, Romney or possibly Perry.  Whoever was behind this has managed to turn Cain into a cause celebre for conservatives akin to Clarence Thomas.  Rather than taking him down, this strategy appears to be galvanizing support for him.  Should someone pin down the connection between the leak and a campaign, the damage to that candidate may be irreparable.

UPDATE:  Clues begin to point towards the Romney camp as the source of this.

UPDATE 2:  Another suspect with even stronger ties to Romney emerges.


12 thoughts on “Want To Know Who Is Behind The Herman Cain Smear?

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  2. Willard the flip-flopper is the most obvious suspect, given his record of lying and his loyal defense of criminally reckless policies such as the destructive RomneyCare.

    Would you buy a used car from this man? Would you buy anything from someone who puts his dog on the roof of the car for a long-distance trip?

    Given how America’s ranking in education has gone so far down the toilet since Carter’s Dept. of Ed. was implemented, I’m not surprised that this Romney character has gone this far, and may actually succeed in pulling the wool over the eyes of the American people just as did Obama, Bush, Bush Sr., et al.

  3. Romney needs to quit the race for the GOP nomination. And then he needs to switch parties. Make it official. This is going to haunt him relentlessly for the 60 days.

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