Another Suspect Emerges In The Cain Smear Leak

Northern Virginia Lawyer has identified one possible individual from the National Restaurant Association who contributed to Mitt Romney and was in a position to know about the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain.

Today, another suspect emerges from within the ranks of the National Restaurant Association and this one has even stronger ties to Romney.

Dick Marriott is a past president of the National Restaurant Association (sometime prior to 1995) and sat on its Board at least through 2003 if not later, so the time frame fits.  Furthermore, Romney was a Board member of the Marriott corporation until earlier this year and is named after Dick Marriott’s father – J. Willard Marriott / Willard Mitt Romney – who was close friends with his father.



4 thoughts on “Another Suspect Emerges In The Cain Smear Leak

  1. I looked into that linkage. I did not feel it was as strong. I think he was President in 1993. Finding board info for the National Restaurant Association has been difficult. One thing that is clear is that the board is huge. The larger the board, the more likely board members would be fenced off from litigation knowledge or decision making.

    Nonetheless, how many more potential sources with ties to only the Romney campaign will emerge.

  2. So did Cain do anything or not? This all seems like a bit of a distraction, if not irrelevant. Even if Romney is behind it, it’s done what it was supposed to do: get Cain off message.

    I understand Cain wants to parlay this into a fundraising scheme, but it is so far off what the American people care about it’s going to ultimately work against him.

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