Delegate Bob Marshall Opposes Republican Loyalty Oath

The Virginia State Board of elections said on Wednesday that the Republican party can require primary voters to sign a loyalty oath, pledging to support the republican candidate for President in November. If a voter refuses to sign the oath, he will not be permitted to vote in the primary on March 6th.

Delegate Bob Marshall has a problem with this, saying ““Ironically, requiring a loyalty oath will bar even former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich from voting in the primary because he already has said unequivocally that he will not vote for Ron Paul for president if he’s the Republican nominee,” Marshall said in a news release. “Virginia’s Republican leadership wants to mandate a loyalty oath when Virginia’s Republican officials are in court fighting the Obamacare mandate? This sends the wrong message.”


5 thoughts on “Delegate Bob Marshall Opposes Republican Loyalty Oath

  1. Really. It’s not like Democrats are going to hustle their butts into a polling booth to vote for a Republican. They’ve already laughed their asses off over the RPV primary fiasco.

  2. I also agree with Bob Marshall……i have disagreed with everything Bob has stood for for the past 20 yrs and it is so refreshing to finally agree with him………way to go Bob!!

  3. Bob…when you’re right, you’re right. Although unless something is done to correct the monkeys fumbling the ball in and around the RPV….Paul will get a big boost from Democrats coming into the process. That does not justify the “Pledge”…. it justifies seeing that heads roll in Richmond at the RPV for such short-sighted stupidity.

  4. When not addressing a topic that in any way involves human sexuality, Del. Marshall is a very thoughtful legislator. And he’s right about this. It looks like all the shooting on the GOP side might be over by the time Virginia rolls around anyway.

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