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Eugene Robinson Has No Soul

WashPo columnist Eugene Robinson, in an hysterical effort to attack Rick Santorum, is criticizing the way in which Santorum and his family chose to deal with the death of one of their children who only survived for two hours after his birth, calling them “weird” for wanting to hold their dead child and giving their other children the opportunity to see their brother and say goodbye.

According to the National Stillbirth Society:

10) Can a mother have time with her stillborn baby after delivery?
She absolutely can and we encourage it! Most hospitals will bathe and dress her baby and then encourage not just the mother, but also the father and other family members present at the birth to hold and caress the baby. Likewise, surviving siblings should have a chance to meet and say goodbye to their newborn brother or sister, too. Mothers who declined this chance to bond with their baby have invariably told us that they regretted the decision they made at the time. Their baby has been a part of their family life for almost a year and the need to say goodbye is very real.

Maybe Robinson has never lost anyone close to him or maybe in place of a human soul inside of him is some heartless monster.  Whichever the case is, the only thing weird here is Robinson using a dead baby to attack a presidential candidate.  Robinson completely misrepresented what Santorum says they did and instead makes it out to be like the Santorums brought the baby home and played with it like a doll whereas the real story is one of respect and human dignity, sorrow and loss.

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10 Responses to “Eugene Robinson Has No Soul”

  1. Natedogg614

    Absolutely beyond the pale. But, frankly, to be expected from the left. Mark me, if Mrs. Santroum had aborted their child, they would say nothing about it (it certainly wouldn’t be “wierd”).

  2. Lovettsville Lady

    Why would anyone who is not a trained counselor, and not experienced such a tragic event, make any comment on it? It’s Eugene Robinson who is just plain WEIRD. And disgusting. You’re right, he has no soul and no compassion. I thought liberals were supposed to be all about compassion.

    Eugene Robinson did not issue an apology. He said he was sorry that some people were offended! He didn’t say that he was sorry that he said something so hurtful.

    I suggest that the next time you men have a fight with your wife you apologize by saying you’re sorry she was offended by what you said! Throw it right back on her! Let us know how that works out.

  3. Lovettsville Lady

    Really good article on this subject here,

    From that article, “But the problem is not just that some leftists can’t understand the love that some people feel for their unborn children — or for their children who (like Sarah Palin’s son Trig) were born with disabilities. What really infuriates is the contempt they show for parents who make different choices than they would . . . and the smug arrogance with which they pronounce judgment on the most intimate aspects of others’ private lives.

    What Robinson has done, and what Colmes did the other day, is indecent. These men would never say such a thing to Santorum’s face. (Or maybe they would — which is possibly even worse.) What sickness has invaded our body politic that people feel free, not only to act the cretin, but to do so on national television while sporting insufferable, supercilious, self-satisfied smirks like those we have seen on the mugs of Colmes and Robinson in recent days?

    In short: how dare they? How dare they?!

    There is something wrong with a system that expects people to undergo such indignities to attain high office. I’m not a fan of Rick Santorum as a candidate, but the treatment he has received in recent days regarding an intensely personal decision is a disgrace.”

  4. Natedogg614

    What strikes me about many pro-choicers is that when the choice is abortion, it is to be respected and celebrated and commended as an act of courage and integrity. When the choice is life, it is to be scoffed at and reviled as an act of ignorance.

  5. Scout

    We lost two children to miscarriages. I mourn them both. Their absence leaves a hole in my life. My two living children have made it to adulthood and I rejoice in their health and achievements.

    I don’t consider Gene Robinson to be evil. He has contributed a lot of good thinking to American politics. But I do think he fails to extend respect to those of us who believe that if it has a heartbeat, it’s a life. I don’t expect him to share that view. But I do expect him to honour our sense of loss. His column addressed the issue of displaying the dead baby to other children. I understand his queasiness about that. But it really isn’t an issue that bears on the politics of the moment.

    Rick Santorum is a completely sub-adequate candidate for President of the United States. But the Santorums’ grief and their reaction to it should be kept out of the public discussion.

  6. Loudoun Lady

    Excellent retort by my favorite columnist Mark Steyn (the whole article is spot on):

    “Santorum’s respect for all life, including even the smallest bleakest meanest two-hour life, speaks well for him, especially in comparison with his fellow Pennsylvanian, the accused mass murderer Kermit Gosnell, an industrial-scale abortionist at a Philadelphia charnel house who plunged scissors into the spinal cords of healthy delivered babies. Few of Gosnell’s employees seemed to find anything “weird” about that: Indeed, they helped him out by tossing their remains in jars and bags piled up in freezers and cupboards. Much less crazy than taking ‘em home and holding a funeral, right?”

  7. Ken Reynolds

    Robinson was way out of line, s/have minded his own business……i am very disappointed in his getting involved in such a matter……

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