The Obama Economic Record — Inauguration Day vs. Today


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  1. Who could ‘like’ this!!!!! It is important to note that Obama is not accountable for all of these factors, anymore than last year’s snowstorm. You may recall that the economy was in disastrous condition when he came into office………..and the steps he took apparently averted a world-wide depression. This costs money…….especially the stimulus plan……former President Clinton, who knows something about the economy has said that the stimulus should have been considerably more. One last thing, the $700 million + allotted to Virginia for roads initially was not spent…McDonnell is now releasing the road funds….and giving Obama none of the credit

    1. @ Ken Reynolds .. you just don’t get it do you? If Obama isn’t accountable, who is? Presidents take credit for good economies and take the blame for bad economies. That’s the way it works. So, please spare us the duck and cover strategy and just admit that this president has failed to lead America in a positive direction. Facts are sometimes inconvenient aren’t they?

    2. Yeah man…..things were messed up when he went in….BUT he did give how much to the banks and car companies? Do the math! He could have given every legal US citizen over the age of 18 at least $100,000! Now that would have stimulated the economy! Lots of people could have stopped foreclosure, paid off cars, college tuition, paid off homes, etc…etc….etc…. instead…corporate america got bonuses.

    3. Thank you! And gas prices were definitely NOT $1.85 a gallon…whoever takes this as gospel does not live in the real world!

  2. Yet Ken, you’re very eager to tout anything and everything that could be construed as positive things for Obama. Well, guess what? All this is negative and it happened under his watch, whether he was directly responsible or not. Rightly or wrongly, he will take the credit and blame for things such as this. We are not going to know if the steps that he took averted a world-wide depression any more so than we’re going to know what a “saved” job is because of the stimulus. With regards to the stimulus, they should have spend a greater percentage on manufacturing rather than handouts to unions and left-wing special interest groups and it would have been more effective (but that’s just me).

  3. Thank youfor your constructive message Nate…….the end of the Bush years scared the hell out of me!!!! When i was 10, i would listen to the radio about tthe Korean War……and that too scared me……….there is so much good going on now and we are headed in the right direction now!!!!

  4. I have done some checking and found a discrepency in this. I would like to know where they found gas for that price, everything I have found says around $3.00 a gallon in Jan. 08

    1. 3.35 a gallon, Middlesex couty NJ; at least Cuomo and Christie got together and cut costs in half for those using NJ/NYC connnection bridge as of next week for trips between NY & NJ, 10 trips for $45.00 now that is quite impressive

    2. Yes, 3.35 is an average gas price in NJ right now. Wish I could say different, it’s hard to live right now! NY is even higher, I wouldn’t own a car if I lived in NY!

    3. This whole chart is flawed it is very typical of a Fox news offering. I am not saying that they did this one but I have posted several that they have done and I have been out of school for better than 30 years but a graph is a graph and if numbers are the same then they would be on the same line on a graph, yet I have posted several from an actual Fox news cast that show how you alter a graph to make a point and hope no one see’s the numbers. I am not saying that they are all wrong just saying some are. I actually posted earlier some interesting statistics from the Bush era. straight from the congressional web site:

      showing how poorly another president did and Fox News did not carry them .

  5. I have got to love how false this chart really is, not all but most of it. Gas prices up 83% if you think about back with bush gas was like 4 and 5 a gallon, so how far back are they going the clinton era because its not the bush era.

  6. I could appreciate this chart more if it was CITED!!! Where did you get your information? I am an “on-the-fencer,” and I find social media statistics (on both sides of the political party lines) nauseating and unreliable.

  7. And what were these same numbers on the day bush was inaugurated, as compared with when he left office????? Hmmmmmmm, republicans never really cared too much to make everyone stand up and take notice of THOSE figures…I wonder whyyy…..

  8. obama has caught so much hell , since he came into office the republicans r against everything he suggest , and bush had this country going down the drain really fast , i believe we were on our way to a depresion when the man steped in & saved our country & i believe for him to leave now would cause use much harm & i know for a fact that this chart is FALSE the only thing true on it is the housing market & you can thank the greedy banks for that , obama bring it on !

    1. Republican Policy Committe. Sooooo I guess these numbers are accurate then right??? They wouldn’t try to be sending a skewed message to us would they??? PLEASE!!!!!

    2. Why don’t you go to the site for your self and click on lets say the gas prices. You will then see where the figures came from. But if you actually look at the figures on their own chart gas was $3.109 when Obama took office. It was however $1.510 in 2004 when Bush started his second term and was $3.069 when he left office. It was $1.272 in 2000. And the national debt doubled under Bush 2000 to 2008. And as for earnings the figures they use are and I quote “Income and Earnings Summary Measures by Selected Characteristics: 2009 and 2010” note that these are form selected characteristics.And read through page 23 of the GCI where the US has fallen 3 places in 3 years. The report is from 2010 so we could not have been in 1st place in 2008. Read especially page 23 where the report states that the trends appear to be related primarily to economic trends from developing nations. Besides the report only started 5 years ago. All in all this graph coming from a Republican Web Site is full of incorrect data as well as out right lies and purely misinterpreted data. All this from your link, Thank You.

    1. In the Bush years the Republicans did not let facts get in the way of their opinion. Now the Democrats are doing it. The citations are at the bottom for the morons that didn’t look that far. Stop blaming Bush and say one thing that Obama has done to improve the situation. BTW the stimulus was sent to Congress by the Bush Administration and was approved by Obama.

  9. Markets go up and down; only one set of figures matters.

    Debt increase under Bush (8 years) $4 trillion (don’t get me wrong; still too much), debt when he departed $10 trillion.

    Debt increase under Obama and Democrat Congress (3 years) $6 trillion and counting; total debt now $16+ trillion and obligated to be over $17 trillion by the end of September.

    I know, he HAD to do it because of that evil Bush. He has had three years and all he has done is make matters worse, and heap more debt on our children and grand children. You 22 percenters need to wake up and smell the coffee. 70% of America is fed up with your Socialist agenda.

  10. SGT, those are of course your opinions!!! And what a mess we would be leaving to our ‘children and grandchildren’ if obama didnt clean it up….You listen to Rush, Sean, Mark et al, and buy their hatred. Bush wasnt evil…….maybe rumsfeld and Cheney………but not Bush and Patty, the increase in the unemployment rate was predicted long before obama took office – can you imagine what it would have been if he didnt save the auto industry?; and F. Taferd, do the arithmetic…………that is $20 trillion you are talking about…….

    1. Ken, seriously dude. have u been unemployed during the obama presidency? Have you tried to live and eat during unemployment?
      If not, i suggest you try it. 1. the congress since 2006 has been ran by democrats. Bush gets a bad rep for protecting our country from terror. But had Clinton done his part and stepped up to catch osama bin laden, then 9-11 prolly wouldnt have happened. 2. obama has made NO concentrated effort to DO anything. Except take a TON OF FREE VACATIONS. so lets be crystal clear here. STOP, buying into the crap spun out of washington about who is better. LOOK, search for the truth. ONLY one person can be president. WHO has the best chance of fixing this mess is the one we NEED to elect. or we will have another GREAT depression and you wont like to be where i have been this year. unemployed and hungry.

    2. The Dumbocrat fall back position: “Can you imagine how much worse it would have been if Obama didn’t [fill in the blank]?”

      Why do you Dems always point to something that nobody can prove wrong, and tout it as fact?

      I say to you Ken, I CAN imagine how much BETTER it would be right now if Obama had not been elected”.

      There would be less unemployment, two car companies wouldn not be owned by the taxpayers and the UAW, we would not be 6 trillion more indebt; now try to prove those statements wrong.

      Obama is a Socialist, socialism has never worked anywhere on earth, and it is not working for us now.

      The Great Amercian Dumbocrat Experiment must end! We must get this country back on track; reduce goverment, cut spending, pay down debt, that will in turn create jobs and prosperity.

  11. That’s cute – Dumbocrat!! But wrong……….how can you prove that unemplpoyment would be worse today if Obama hadnt been elected? And the car companies – do you really think we should have done a crap shoot in hopes, yes hopes, that the companies would come roaring back?…..”socialism’ is an evil term with evil connotations. Today, America is what it is……… it ‘crony fascism’ or whatever………..the engines are working……………..slowly but surely…….thank God for Barack!!!

  12. Your comment was in the spam folder; probably all the …’s…
    When you’re excited, your comments look like spam.

    “Thank god for Barack” ??? It IS true that Dumbocrats think he is the Mesiah…

    Fact is that if the Socialist Dumbocrats would keep their hands off the free market, we would be alot better off. Over regulation kills business, and that in turn leads to a decline in jobs and prosperity.

    Obama has doubled down on this with all his czars. He is out to regulate everything we do, and all without the consent of the governed or the approval of Congress.

    I’m not sure why you Dems think that you know better than everyone else what is good for us; have you ever heard of personal liberty? I think it is out lined in the Declaration of Independence; you do know what that is right?

    Maybe I missed something when I read it. Does it say Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness as defined by the Statists?

    We’ve tried it your way for 70 years, and you have gotten us nothing but massive debt, unemployment, high prices and an economy that cannot adapt fast enough to compete abroad because of the stiffling regulation.

    It is time for us to return to limited government as prescribed in the Constitution, and put you 22 percenters in your place. I think the 2012 election is going to be very traumatic for you Ken.

  13. You can argue statistic all day long. What you cannot do is deny that the United States is on an accelerated path towards Greek/European insolvency. This is inarguable. The loony left there is also still in denial and cannot figure out why the Germans’s just don’t want to carry them on their backs anymore. How inconsiderate are those German’s. If the majority of Americans can’t see this by now then we will get four more years of this experiment. I would wish him well as I did the first four years. My gut (and decades of observation) tells me that he inherited a mess and did, for the most part, the wrong things economically. If the conservatives win we will see the result from that experiment. Right now they are looking like a way better bet to me. I did not believe most of what Obama promised three years ago (even/especially after I read his book). I don’t believe him now. Anyone justifying the stimulus package has not been keeping up on the news. It was an incredibly wasteful and politcal boondoggle.

    1. Lorenzo,

      This is largely dependent on the American People. Are WE willing to make the cuts in government that will bring us back to a limited Constitutional government and start paying off our debt, or will the people scream bloody murder if they perceive they are loosing something?

      Democrats have done a number on the people. FDR is the Devil as far as I’m concerned. He prolonged the depression, and then “saved” us with Statism and his socialist programs that we can no longer pay for.

      He instituted the programs that have made millions of Americans dependent on the government, and ever since Democrats have advanced the idea that government is the answer to everything.

      Too many Americans are no longer self reliant, and are all too ready to allow the government to dictate everything to them for the promise of a few bucks worth of benefits.

      FDR knew exactly what he was doing too; that is the evil of it. Johnson piled on with his “Great Society” programs.

      War on Poverty? Democrats have been “fighting” the War on Poverty for over 40 years; why are people still poor? Why is it that every city and state controlled by Democrats is either in or near bankruptcy?

      This is literally our last chance. We cannot survive another Obama term. If he is elected again our children and grandchildren will never know the America we grew up in, and that will be fine with Democrats.

  14. Traumatic???? SGT.??? Like we are gonna get Hand Grenade Newt for Pres? And/or the emerging slease Mitt? Take the broad view of the last 70 years and you will see the evolution of a great nation as a result of the contribution of ALL…..Labor, industry, Democrats and even Republicans!!!!

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