Latest Virginia polls, Senate and Presidency Dead Heats

Mason-Dixon’s latest polling shows the Virginia Senate race between George Allen and Tim Kaine dead even with both candidates getting 46% of the vote and 8% of voters undecided.

The race between Obama and Romney is almost as close with Obama getting 45% of the vote and Romney 44%, with 11% undecided. Romney wins independents by 5%.

Gingrich does not do as well against Obama in Virginia. Obama leads with 49% of the vote to Gingrich’s 38%, with 13% undecided.

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2 thoughts on “Latest Virginia polls, Senate and Presidency Dead Heats

  1. The fact that there are so few undecideds in either race suggests they’ll both be close. I really think Kaine’s chance are tied to Obama’s. I don’t think they’ll be a lot of Obama/Allen split-ticket voters. It’s easier to see why we might have Romney/Kaine voters, but not many. Expect one party to take both races.

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