Don’t Look Behind That Curtain!!!

So, the unemployment rate dips to 8.3% and nearly a quarter of a million people found new work in January.

Time to call BS on this whole charade.

I guarantee that the 243,000 new jobs number will be revised down drastically in coming months as each “stellar” report over the past year or so has been.  As for the unemployment rate dipping to 8.3%, the lowest in three years?  Of course you can get that to happen if 1.2 MILLION people drop out of the labor force in a single month, bringing the labor participation rate down to a 30 year low of 63.7%.  Voila!  They’re no longer unemployed!!!



5 thoughts on “Don’t Look Behind That Curtain!!!

  1. Sore loser!! You guys revel in any bad news…… and sorrow in any good news…… should know better that the agencies that prepare these numbers are apolitical and always have beeen. If they werent, then the numbers would hve been better months ago!! And if things keep getting changed every month, how come we are now down to 8.3%. You do know i am sure than the unemployment problems were all predicted before obama was inaugurated. Now if you want to complain about something – what about the ultimatums on health insurance aimed at the Church? If they dont change this, then, FCS i will be voting for perry or newt…

  2. 1) Perry has already withdrawn.

    2) I do agree with you 100% on the health insurance ultimatums. That in of itself (particularly as I am a Roman Catholic) troubles me greatly.

    3) While I am pleased to see that the unemployment numbers downticked, I am troubled if over a million folks left the workforce and it does raise a concern about the numbers that the BLS released.

    4) I would suggest that the Democrats did the same thing in 2007, when 500K jobs were added per month and the unemployement numbers were at or below 5%. The Dems response were “what KINDS Of jobs are being created?” “The economic recovery is faulty.” “People are not better off now and even if they are, what about tehir neighbor??” And if all that didn’t work, “Oh, look…we’re still in Iraq!”

    1. i know perry withdrew….he should have been in the carnival long ago!! He too would be a great carnival barker………and i am RC also but dont like to be told what to do….and esp dont like a govt agency dictating tthings like this…… certainly one can and should question stats……..but the big picture is that things keep getting better and better in my opinion…….

  3. If you don’t like government agencies dictating things and don’t like being told what to do, then please tell my WHY in God’s name you’re a Democrat and plan to vote for Obama.

  4. i dont feel like i am being dictated to!!!! This could go on and on, but i feel that the core of the rep party is a lie……they play the abortion card, the religion card, are dishonest……and generlay screw things up when in office. I also get especially annoyed that the reps are constatntly complaining about ‘taxes’ when they should know that everything costs money…..Democrats have the right temperamnent for me but have gone over the line on this health directive……the Democrats are ‘principled’ the reps are all rhetoric!!

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