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VA Senate Kills Party Registration — Here Are the 4 GOP Sell-Outs

The Virginia State Senate killed the party registration bill last night on a 16-24 vote.  Four Republicans defected on this legislation – Harry Blevins, Walter Stosch, Frank Wagner, and John Watkins.  Not surprising.

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7 Responses to “VA Senate Kills Party Registration — Here Are the 4 GOP Sell-Outs”

  1. NateDogg614

    Too bad. I would have enjoyed registering as a Republican in Virginia, just as I did back in Pennsylvania.

  2. The BulletproofMonk.

    And all of those democrats who’ll show up i November to vote for Paul are all extremelt greatful.
    What these sellouts need is an all-out mail barrage telling them that their services will no longer be needed by the republican party.

  3. The BulletproofMonk.

    March, Nate. Paul isn’t even a contender in November, unless he becomes a jumper.

  4. Steve Vaughan

    Well, again the conservative, as opposed to the Republican, position on this would seem to me to be “it’s none of the government’s damn business what political party anybody belongs to.” But I guess you guys like Big Brother when you think he’s on your side.

    • Riley

      Actually, we like the First Amendment and its right of assembly provision that allows groups of like-minded individuals to choose with whom they will and won’t associate. Denying party registration denies Republicans (and Democrats) the right to do so.

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