Watkins and Wagner Rack Up Another Vote On VV RINO Watch List

Sens. John Watkins and Frank Wagner seem to be in a race for the top spot on VV’s RINO Watch List.  This time, they sided with the Democrats in killing the repeal of the HPV vaccine requirement.

Supporters of lifting the mandate said parents, not the government, should decide whether girls should be vaccinated. But supporters of the mandate said opponents were just worried that the vaccine encouraged sex among teenagers, because the virus is sexually transmitted.

We’re not talking about something that is an airborne disease or spread through casual contact where a vaccination should be required in order to prevent a public epidemic.  Why not leave the option up to the parents then?


3 thoughts on “Watkins and Wagner Rack Up Another Vote On VV RINO Watch List

  1. I’m actually wondering if Frank Wagner isn’t running interference for Gov. McDonnell and Lt. Gov. Bolling in preventing them from having to vote for or sign legislation that can risk their future higher political aspirations. Or is he just an outright Democrat with an R after his name? Gov. Rick Perry was recently slammed for his HPV mandate, yet here in VA we have legislators who are doing the same thing.

  2. Isnt there a conservative counterargument supporting Wagner and Watkins on this along the line of basic public health requirements? Should the polio vaccine have been the parent’s choice? What if there is an HIV vaccine? Should that be left up to parents? How many people have to contract a disease and/or die in order for it to be deemed a sufficient public health risk to mandate the vaccine?

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