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Here we go again

Paul Homewood, in the vital Watts Up With That, provides the most detailed description of how the Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN) “adjusts” historical data, this time in the Arctic Circle. Homewood explains in detail the justification GHCN provides for adjusting the historical data downward (thus creating an artificial warming trend), and then shows how in practice it actually leads to creating said artificial trend.

Homewood himself refuses to casts aspersions, blaming it all on a “faulty software.” One thing I noticed, though, is that over a third of the adjustments occur in Icelandic sites (of which their are 5, out of the 26 cited here). Why is that important?  Here’s why:

Trausti Jonsson, a senior climatologist at the Iceland Met Office, has already confirmed that he sees no reason for the adjustments in Iceland and that they themselves have already made any adjustments necessary due to station moves etc before sending the data onto GHCN.


This matters for three reasons: 1) as Homewood himself notes, the GHCN data is the source data for NASA-GISS and East Anglia University’s HADCRUT, the two largest and most prominent intellectual bases for global warming alarmism; 2) the Arctic Circle is not only the place that has seen the most “warming” over the years, but it is also the most sensitive region for its supposed after effects (due to ice melting, which is also not exactly going according to the alarmists’ plan, but that’s another story); and 3) this adds one more to the slew of errors, data manipulation, and other shenanigans, from global warming alarmists that the rest of us can chronicle over the years; the number of my posts alone on this subject now stand at a whopping thirty-five.

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