What Was Tim Kaine’s Greatest Disappointment As Governor?

Tyler Craddock tweets the answer:

Tyler CraddockTyler Craddock‏ @tylercraddock

Wow. At candidates forum. Kaine just said greatest disappointment as Gov was GA not raising taxes or fees for transportation.

So, Gov. Timmy!’s greatest disappointment was the General Assembly kept him from raising our taxes by $4 billion. Now he wants to be a U.S. Senator and work to raise everyone’s taxes? No thank you.

Perhaps Timmy! shouldn’t have been squirreling away over $1 billion in transportation funds in secret bank accounts if he was truly concerned about spending more money on transportation.


15 thoughts on “What Was Tim Kaine’s Greatest Disappointment As Governor?

  1. so… McDonnell’s solution to put tolls on new roads is better?


    Bonus Question: is a toll the same as a tax?

    1. so… Virginians are going to be happier paying tolls rather than taxes?

      So if Kaine wanted more transpo money he should have taken the path that McDonnell has – borrow money and pay it back with tolls rather than advocate higher fuel taxes?

      I happen to agree BTW but clearly substituting tolls for taxes STILL results in increased costs to taxpayers, right?

      I’m sure the folks on the Dulles Toll Road agree…


    2. But at least with tolls you have a choice as to whether you pay or not. Use the road and pay the toll. Go an alternate, but longer, route and avoid it. You’re paying for the convenience.

    3. ” But at least with tolls you have a choice as to whether you pay or not. Use the road and pay the toll. Go an alternate, but longer, route and avoid it. You’re paying for the convenience.”

      I’m totally on board with that concept. I much prefer it to the VDOT slush fund/wish list approach.

      but people do make the point (like with Dulles) that choice and convenience are more concept than reality.

      I’m not sure that if Kaine overtly pursued tolls over taxes that he would have received any less criticism.

      What’s going on with McDonnell and tolls as a policy to replace taxes is pretty much a stealth approach… and I think the reaction to tolls is just as negative as taxes.

    4. Anytime the price of something goes up, there will be grumbling. Less so, though, if people can see that their money is being used for something than can physically identify. At least then they can see they are getting their money’s worth.

      Reprogramming funding from other things helps, but doesn’t completely bridge the gap of what is needed to pay for the infrastructure improvements people want. The other option is to do nothing, but then people will then complain nothing is being done to improve our roads.

  2. @larryg, why should I pay taxes for the Dulles toll road or Metro to Dulles, 2 things I will never in my life use? Gas is almost $4 a gallon now, I barely have the money to get by now, making over $30,000, a few more cents or in Kain’s case $.15 tax increase of gas per gallon would be devastating to those like my self.

    1. I was responding to the is a toll a tax or are tolls better than taxes….” No, it isn’t the same. A tax is used for general purposes where a toll or a user fee is used for a specific, enumerated reason.”

      and basically showing that tolls can be just as bad and corrupt as taxes unless and until the state passes a law restricting what tolls can be used for.

      By the way, the Feds are much tighter about that. I-95 tolls can only be used by I-95.

  3. Normally, when a product is developed, duh, it costs money, and thus is the case with 21st century road systems. Timmy was likely following Gov. Baliles program – think where we would be without the Baliles initiatives…..to criticize Timmy for not coming up with addl revenue to develop a key program……..well, duh, fill in the blanks……….

    1. the basic problem was that the gas tax was not indexed for inflation much less for more efficient vehicles.

      but to change it – to bring it up to date – as Kaine advocated was slammed by the GOP as a tax increase and they successfully punished any/all Dems in the GA elections over it.

      but we still need infrastructure..if nothing else we need to maintain what we have and improve where we can so after the GOP demonized the tax solution they slid sideways by borrowing money and paying it back with tolls which I’m not sure if we had a straight up referenda vote would have actually been the choice of Virginians ( given the reality that if they could vote “no” to both, they would).

      But see the GOP …STILL cannot let Kaine off.. even now they tag him with the ” my biggest disappointment”

      Now I DO give this fellow Connaughton credit. He made SOMETHING happen… when Kaine was stymied.

    2. The lack of indexing was a huge mistake, yes!!!! As an aside, the road system is being replenished with the proceeds of th federal stimulus $…Connaughton seems to do everything right and did well with the county system…..he never was governor though so his ballpark was limited…….remember too that we have among the lowest gas taxes in the nation……this is a big source of funds…….too bad the loudest mouths in these debates are the right wing republicans, and hence, nothing gets done…..

  4. Tolls are also “user fees” and thus out-of-state drivers help to pay for our roads – like they should. Of course Kaine gets off the hook if the GOP screws him and the public with their ongoing ideological play. It was a big disappointment to all of us who like to see a little progress.

  5. Also, some people are not fear-struck with the term ‘taxes’.=, but fear-struck that some other people simply cant stand the thougt of having to pay for something that is needed…….like transportation funds. Why is it also, that people on here have been blasting away at Timmy for hiding all this money——well, just where is all this money???

  6. Remember too that Allen was elected Governor almost 20 years ago…….ancient history in politics……..!!!

  7. One more thing…….as most of us know, the butcher, the baker and the candle-stick maker throughout the Wash Metro Area make ALL of their money from federal largesse – yet we have the cheapest bastards in all of the US when it comes to supporting infrastructure……

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