Even With Only 27% GOP In Its Sample, WashPo Poll Has Allen & Kaine Tied At 46%

Let’s be honest.  Anyone who thinks that only 27% of registered voters in Virginia consider themselves to be Republicans is either a.) stupid; b.) high; c.) incredibly biased or d.) all of the above.  Well that is exactly what the number the Washington Post used in their latest poll. To put that in context, the last time Republicans were less than 30% of the general election turnout in Virginia was when LBJ was elected in 1964.  Let’s look at the last 3 statewide elections held in Virginia:

2006 – 39% Republican, 36% Democrats, and 26% Independents
2008 – 33% Republicans, 39% Democrats, and 27% Independents
2009 – 37% Republicans, 33% Democrats, and 30% Independents

That gives us an average of:

36.3% Republicans, 36.0% Democrats, and 27.6% Independents

Even during the Democratic wave of 2008, GOP turnout in Illinois was 28% and in California it was 30%. Again, anyone who thinks only 27% of voters in Virginia consider themselves to be Republicans is either a.) stupid; b.) high; c.) incredibly biased or d.) all of the above.  Furthermore, even within their Independent sample their appears to be some skew as well – 46% “moderate” among whom Obama leads Romney by 23%, 58% to 35%?  I don’t think so…

So, what impact did the WashPo have by undersampling Republican voters by 9% and oversampling Independent liberals and labeling them as “moderates”?

The best they could do was move Tim Kaine into a tie with George Allen at 46% each.

They bumped Bob McDonnell’s approval rating down to a paltry 56%.

They did manage to get Obama to 51% with Romney at 44%, which was probably their overall goal for this poll.

In order to get Timmy! over 50%, the GOP sample would have probably plunged into the teens and even the WashPo figured they couldn’t get away with that.  (Which probably partially accounts for their flawed Independent moderate sample as well.)  The fact that he is trailing Obama by 5% in his own state in a poll this skewed to favor them is a sign of incredible weakness.  No wonder the DSCC has already reserved $7.4 million worth of air time for the month before Election Day in Virginia to run ads on behalf of Kaine.

Let’s adjust the Post’s findings using the above averages for party turnout.  (These will still skew low because of the Post’s flawed sample within Independents who consider themselves “moderates” who responded to questions as liberals would.)

McDonnell’s approval rating – 59%.

George Allen is at 46.3% while Kaine is at 45.7% (still close, but again look to the so-called “moderates” in their Independent sample.)

Mitt Romney clocks in with 45.6% while Obama drops to 50.7%.

Unfortunately, due to the Post’s incredibly sloppy methodology in this poll, it is impossible to further adjust these numbers to more accurately reflect the Independent vote so as to remove liberals masquerading as moderates.

The take away from this poll?  The WashPo is still biased and sloppy.  You’re better off utilizing one of the more accurate polls such as Survey USA, VCU, Roanoke College or PPP (when they’re being honest and not trying to pump up numbers for their Dem clients.)


11 thoughts on “Even With Only 27% GOP In Its Sample, WashPo Poll Has Allen & Kaine Tied At 46%

  1. I’m not one for spreading stories about people, and even apologize in advance, and point out, the Blog is not like NBC news, but has anyone ever heard that Cowboy George has a reputation as a philanderer (with a woman whose last name begins with O) and also the subject of physical domestic violence? I mention these matters since, if true, they will likely come out during the campaign………??????

    1. Ken, if anyone had any proof of that, it would have come out a long time ago during the ’06, ’00 or ’93 campaigns.

      Sounds as if Timmy!’s folks are getting desperate if they’re trying to spread discredited rumors 6 months before Election Day. To me that tells me they know these WashPo poll numbers are garbage and he’s getting crushed in their own internals. Add to that the $7M+ the DSCC has already reserved and they’re in full-fledged panic mode.

  2. Ken – the word “BULLSHIT” comes to mind. Dems have spread that crap for years and not ONCE has it stuck because it is an outright lie. I think you need to make a public statement about when did you stop beating your wife, Ken?

  3. Well, i recant from testifying to the veracity of these statements, but….most of the info i have come across like this does turn out to be true…………the domestic violence matter was from a reputable, very conservative person – he heard it on the radio news one morning (an ND grad who flew across country to be at President Reagan’s wake!!!). Anyway, i promise not to repeat these stories………….maybe they will surface, maybe they wont…………..but you heard it here first……and beating my wife………….well, she moved out 4 yrs ago…………..and not because i was beating her!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The Texas murderer is my grandson…….actually, my namesake nephew used to be the DA equivalent in LaGrange County………the best little whorehouse…………

    2. Go to your room Observer and you too Riley (another thousand pardons, but my daughter brought home this awesome Chiwawa (sp) who is incredibly friendly – the other Chiwawa- mine – Mufasa – bites and snarls at the new one…who simply lies down play dead……..anyway, the new Chiwawa is named RILEY – and I had nothing to do with that!!!))

  4. I didnt name the dog RILEY – my daughter and her bf did……..they just told me his name is RILEY!!! The implications are of course, enormous……..

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